Trump Campaign Announces “Black Americans for Trump” Coalition

June 15, 2024

Today, President Donald J. Trump announces “Black Americans for Trump,” a coalition with endorsements from elected officials, athletes, entertainers, community leaders, and pastors who love our country. The coalition launches ahead of the Juneteenth holiday acknowledging and commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States.  
President Trump accomplished more for Black Americans than any other president in recent history by implementing America First policies on the economy, immigration, energy, law and order, and foreign policy. Historic rates of Black voters now support President Trump, and  the reason is simple: Black voters know that President Trump is the only presidential candidate who can deliver results on day one because he already has, including landmark unemployment rates for Black Americans, increased median income for Black households, historic permanent funding for HBCUs, comprehensive bipartisan criminal justice reform, and nearly $50 billion in funds to revitalize Opportunity Zones. 
“Never has it been more clear that Joe Biden’s reckless reversal of President Trump’s America First policies is the very reason why Black communities have been utterly decimated under his Administration with sky-high grocery and gas prices, untenable housing costs, an invasion of illegal migrants and rampant violent crime,” said Team Trump Senior Advisor Lynne Patton. “On day one, Donald Trump will reinstate all his proven policies on immigration, law and order, energy, and the economy and put Black America First.” 
Black families have paid the cost of Bidenflation, spending more per month under Biden on groceries and gas than they did under Donald Trump. Coupled with rising violent crime in urban cities and teachers’ unions taking control away from parents in our schools, it's clear why the Democrat party is hemorrhaging Black voters in record numbers. 
"While Black Americans have been left behind by Joe Biden, President Trump has prioritized the Black community," said Team Trump Black Media Director Janiyah Thomas. “Donald J. Trump’s coalition message to the Black community is simple: If you want to return to the policies that created rising wages, more quality jobs, stronger borders, and safer neighborhoods, then join Black Americans for Trump and vote for President Trump in November." 
“Black voters are rallying around Donald J. Trump because of Jobs and Justice. There is a clear contrast this election, as Black voters experience the loss of spending power under Biden, the ravaging of their neighborhoods because of crime under Democrat leadership, and Biden's border disproportionately hurting communities of color. Donald Trump offers the best path forward. It's not just a Black agenda, it is an American agenda.” - Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) 
“Beginning on day one of his presidency, Joe Biden shattered opportunities to attain generational wealth, access capital, and achieve the American Dream through overregulation and inflationary overspending. Black Americans are ready for change in November.” - Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL-19) 
For far too long, the Democrat Party and Joe Biden have taken black voters for granted. Biden’s policies have been devastating to minorities. The economy, hyperinflation, crime, and Biden’s alarming migrant crisis have disproportionately harmed voters of color. This is why I am confident that black voters will deliver their verdict on Biden’s Presidency this November." - Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX-38) 
“I know President Trump’s heart and I know he is the man to return America to We the People. As the famous saying goes, “A Republic, if we can keep it” has never been more so important than it is now. It is our duty to keep this Republic and President Trump is the leader we need to ensure it is secured for generations to come.” - Ben S. Carson, Former 17th Secretary of HUD and Founder and Chairman of the American Cornerstone Institute  
“Ever praying for my friend and forever President Donald John Trump. His support for our communities; life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and beyond is unmatched.” - Dr. Alveda King, Chair, Center for the American Dream, America First Policy Institute 
"Through President Trump’s leadership, I witnessed the transformation of the Republican Party to party that advocates for America's underserved and working class.  Legislation like the First Step Act, Opportunity Zones, USMCA and the Futures Act, which gave permanent funding for HBCU’s, are just a few examples of how Trump Policies put America First and created a system that works for everyone." - Ja'Ron Smith, Partner at CGCN & Former Deputy Assistant for Domestic Policy to President Trump 
“Donald Trump has done more for the black community than any other president since Abraham Lincoln. His America First agenda led to record-low inflation, closed borders and tripled the Black support for the Republican party.”  - Diante Johnson, Founder & President of the Black Conservative Federation 
“President Trump has proven that he is dedicated to the advancement of the black community, not through lip service, but through action.  He has made inroads into the heart of the black community in ways unprecedented by a Republican Presidential candidate.” - Dr. Darrell Scott, Founder, National Diversity Coalition and Pastor, New Spirit Revival Center 
“President Trump championed economic policies that spurred growth and created jobs, benefiting our communities and fostering economic prosperity for all Americans. His renegotiation of trade deals and commitment to securing our borders showcased his dedication to protecting American workers. We need his vision and leadership now more than ever.” - Corrin Rankin, Vice Chair, California GOP 
"This is not a Party issue, this is an American issue. After a catastrophic 4 years under the Biden Administration the world is no longer a safe place. We need a strong, steady hand to reclaim our place in the world and guarantee peace and prosperity here at home." - Nicole Bennett, Vice-Chair, Maryland GOP 
“For far too long, I have watched the generations of my parents and grandparents be used and abused by the Democrat Party. As a member of Generation Z, I have long pledged to break that generational curse and that is exactly why I’m supporting President Trump..” - CJ Pearson, National Co-Chair, RNC Youth Advisory Council 
“I can never thank President Trump enough for what he's done for me and my family by giving me freedom. But I believe this election and the issues involved are personal to every family and every person in America.” - Kwame Kilpatrick, Former Mayor of Detroit & Michigan House of Representatives  
“President Trump will bring America back to Greatness.” - Troy Rolling, Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation 
“As a Black American I enthusiastically endorse Donald Trump as President. Like many other Black Americans, I have become disillusioned by decades of exploitation and broken promises by the Democratic Party. Donald Trump has a vision of success for America and Americans - including Black Americans.” - Leo Terrell, Civil Rights Attorney & Fox News Contributor 
"Donald J. Trump’s love for America goes beyond color to the success of every American.  We need a president who lifts people with fair opportunity, understands the need for morality, and who will work for all people." - Bishop B. Dwayne Hardin, pastor of The Embassy ATL and founder of Spiritual Legislative Council 
"President Trump is the only president in modern history that signed policies that directly elevated the healthy, safety and wealth of Black Chicago. Through his America First agenda, my community is treated like full Americans rather than a pity party because we too are America." - Patricia "P-Rae" Easley, Chicago Radio Host, Black Excellence Hour 
“When the South Carolina African American Chamber of Commerce asked all Presidential candidates to present their platforms to Black business leaders, then candidate Trump, was the first candidate to speak with us. We need a "show up" President, one that will show up for education, show up for economic opportunities and will show up for the American people!” - Stephen Gilchrist, Chairman & CEO of the South Carolina African-American Chamber of Commerce 
Elected Officials: 
Representative Byron Donalds, U.S. Representative (FL-19) 
Representative Wesley Hunt, U.S. Representative (TX-38) 
Senator Tim Scott, U.S. Senator for SC 
Representative Burgess Owens, U.S. Representative (UT-4) 
Representative John James, U.S. Representative (MI-10) 
Mark Robinson, Lieutenant Governor for NC and Candidate for Governor of NC 
Melanie Collette, NJ County Commissioner, Community Engagement Director for the NJ Legislative District 1 Office 
Melik Abdul, Fox News Contributor, Author 
Ottis "OJ" Anderson, Former NFL Running Back for the New York Giants 
John Anthony, Black & Right Radio Host and Former Illinois State Representative 
Robin Barnes, Regional Advisor, Project 21 Opportunity Zone Initiatives  
Gina Barr, Former and Current Director of Black Coalitions, RNC 
Angela Beckles, Former Public Policy Advisor, U.S. Housing & Urban Development 
Pastor Leon Benjamin , Founder, New Life Harvest Church 
Nicole Bennett, Vice-Chair, Maryland GOP 
Martell Bivins, Candidate for U.S. Congress (MI-13) 
Kodak Black, Hip Hop Mogul 
Deneen Borelli, Author and Media Personality 
Jack Brewer, Former NFL Player, Jack Brewer Foundation, AFPI 
Pastor Mark Burns, Evangelical Minister and Candidate for U.S. Representative (SC-3) 
Necho Carroll, Vice President of Operations, Black Conservative Federation 
Mark Carter, Founder, The GoRED Initiative 
Vivian Childs, Pastor & Former GA Congressional District Chairman 
Rod Dorilas, Esq., Former Counsel at the Department of Commerce 
Patricia “P-Rae” Easley, Chicago Radio Host, Black Excellence Hour 
Larry Elder, Conservative Radio Host, Author & Attorney 
Mashi Epting, Business Mogul, Philanthropist and Author 
Harrison Fields, Former White House Assistant Press Secretary 
Day Gardner, President, National Black Pro-Life Union 
Stephen Gilchrist, President, SC Black Chamber of Commerce 
B. Dwayne Hardin, Pastor, The Embassy ATL and Founder, Spiritual Legislative Council 
Kristal Hartsfield, Former National Director of Strategic Initiatives, RNC 
Cecila S. Johnson, Former RNC Black Outreach Director 
Diante Johnson, Founder & President, Black Conservative Federation 
Jalen Johnson, GA City Commissioner 
Vernon Jones, Former GA State Representative 
Quenton Jordan, Co-Founder, Black Conservative Federation 
Kwame Kilpatrick, Pardoned by President Trump, Former Mayor of Detroit & MI House  
Alveda King, Best-selling Author & Speaker, Chair of the Center for the American Dream AFPI 
Don King, Famed Boxing Promoter 
Kim Klacik, Former & Current Candidate for U.S. Representative (MD-2) 
Ayesha Kreutz, Chaplain & Frederick Douglass Foundation, State Ambassador 
Kareem Lanier, Co-Founder National Diversity Coalition & Longtime Counselor   
Bruce LeVell, Newsmax Contributor & Founder, National Diversity Coalition 
Darius Mayfield, Candidate for U.S. Representative (NJ-12) 
Michaelah Montgomery, Cofounder, Conserve the Culture 
Scherie Murray, Former NY GOP Committeewoman 
Madgie Nicolas, National Director African American Voices of Faith and Freedom Coalition 
Lynne Patton, Senior Advisor to President Trump 
CJ Pearson, National Co-Chair RNC Youth 
Billy Prempeh, Candidate for U.S. Representative (NJ-09) 
Corrin Rankin, Vice-Chair CA GOP 
Rochelle "Silk" Richardson, Influencer 
Troy Rolling, Frederick Douglass Institute 
Amber Rose, American Model, Television Personality and Singer 
Pastor Darrell Scott, Founder, National Diversity Coalition, Pastor, New Revival Church 
T.W. Shannon, Former Speaker of the Oklahoma House 
Charles "Duke" Tanner, Clemency Recipient under President Trump 
Linda Lee Tarver, PhD Theology and Education, Author, Michigan Election Integrity Activist  
Lawrence “LT” Taylor, NFL Hall of Fame, Former New York Giants Player 
Leo Terrell, Civil Rights Attorney & Fox News Contributor 
Janiyah Thomas, Team Trump Director of Black Media 
Apostle Ellis Smith, Founder of Jubilee City Church 
Bernadette Smith, Ethnic Vice Chair, MI GOP 
Ja'Ron Smith, Former Deputy Assistant for Domestic Policy to President Trump 
Carla Spaulding, Candidate for U.S. Representative (FL-23) 
Darryl Strawberry, Former NY Mets, NY Yankees and Celebrity Apprentice Contestant 
Melissa Tate, Author, Speaker, Influencer 
Scott Turner, Former NFL Player, Chair of the Center for Education Opportunity at AFPI 
Stacy Washington, Host, Stacy on The Right SiriusXM, CEO Sharent Ministries 
Herschel Walker, Former NFL Player and Former U.S. Senate Candidate for GA 
Lisa Watson, Former ACLU Chapter President & School Choice Activist  
Terrence K. Williams, Influencer/Comedian