Palm Beach Playbook - June 11, 2024

June 11, 2024

June 11, 2024

MASS RELEASES CONTINUE – Biden’s executive order was never meant to actually secure the border. If he wanted to do that, he would reimplement President Trump’s policies.

Instead, Biden is now instructing Border Patrol agents to “continue mass releasing” single adult illegals into the U.S. from all but six countries.

These illegal aliens are being released unvetted into American communities, and according to a new report from CNN, the inability to vet illegal aliens has allowed the vicious transnational criminal gang Tren de Aragua to infiltrate the United States.

Biden knows he has no intention of securing the border – the invasion was by design.

HUNTER’S CONVICTION – Hunter Biden’s trial is nothing more than a distraction from the real crimes of the Biden crime family.

However, it does further confirm the authenticity of Hunter’s laptop, which – in addition to text messages, emails, visitor logs, and sworn testimony – raises series questions of illegality while indicting that Joe Biden was heavily involved in his family’s money-making schemes. The Biden family had no legitimate business except selling “the brand to the highest bidder, and the brand was Joe Biden.

AMERICAN DREAM DESTROYED – Under “Bidenomics,” the costs associated with homeownership are up over 26% since 2020.

And that’s only if you can afford to buy a home. The housing market is considered “unaffordable” in 99% of the country for the average American and rent costs are up over 20% since Biden took office.

“Bidenomics” is destroying the American Dream. To restore it, reelect President Trump!

PROTECT THE VOTE TOUR – Yesterday, the RNC announced the launch of the Protect the Vote Tour, a part of the boots on the ground initiative to recruit 100,000 poll watchers, poll workers, and legal experts ahead of the election.


The Protect the Vote tour will kick-off in Michigan on June 14 and will continue in Pennsylvania on June 18, North Carolina on June 20, and Georgia on June 26, with more dates to be announced.

  • RNC Chairman Michael Whatley stated: “Election integrity is our top priority. Our unprecedented effort to secure our elections will build voter confidence across the country. The Protect the Vote Tour will be a critical campaign to ensure that elections are fair, accurate, secure, and transparent.”
  • RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump stated: “One of the foundations of the United States of America is that all citizens have faith in our electoral process. Chairman Whatley and I are proud to play a role in ensuring that every American knows that their legal vote matters and counts. No one can sit idly by during this election and we are excited to help every Patriot play a role in the most important election of our lifetime.” 

The launch of the Protect the Vote Tour marks a pivotal step in the mission to ensure a fair and transparent election. It will champion election integrity, rally voters for President Trump, and train volunteers to ensure it is easy to vote and hard to cheat this November. Click here to learn more.

“THE BEST CHOICE FOR BITCOIN” – Last month, President Trump became the first ever major-party presidential nominee to embrace cryptocurrency for donations.

Now, as Brian Morgenstern writes in Bitcoin Magazine, it’s clear that President Trump “is the best choice for Bitcoin.”

  • “It’s clear which candidate this November is the best choice for Bitcoin owners and the entire industry – President Trump. He appears to see the wisdom of the pro-Bitcoin stances taken by popular leaders around the world.”
  • “The choice is clear. President Trump will protect your right to own Bitcoin, to mine Bitcoin, to transact with Bitcoin, and for many of us, to work in the Bitcoin industry.”
  • “If you are a Bitcoiner, President Trump is the best candidate this year to, dare I say, Make Bitcoin Great Again in the eyes of the U.S. government.”

Read the full article here.

HIGHER TAXES VS. LOWER TAXES – Joe Biden’s economic agenda means higher costs and higher taxes. President Trump’s agenda means lower costs and lower taxes. Watch the video here.

ANYBODY HOME? – Joe Biden managed to embarrass himself yet again at the White House Juneteenth event.

He looked lost, confused, tired, and on top of it all, struggled to even clap along. Every time he goes out in public he embarrasses our country. Joe Biden is unfit to be president.

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