10 Important Facts You Need to Know About the Nevada Caucus

February 01, 2024

  1. Attending the Thursday, February 8th Nevada GOP Caucus is the only way to vote for President Donald J. Trump and support his winning the official Republican Nomination for President.
  2. The Caucus starts at 5:00 PM sharp on Thursday, February 8th. While you may cast your vote any time before 7:30 PM, President Trump needs you to arrive early at 4:30 PM.
  3. You must be registered to vote as a Republican in Nevada, and you must bring your government-issued ID. 
  4. You may still participate in the Caucus even if you already cast a vote - by mail, in person, or otherwise - in the Tuesday, February 6th "meaningless primary.”
  5. Due to a confusing Nevada state law passed by Democrats in 2021, candidates had to choose whether to run in the Tuesday, February 6th primary OR the Thursday, February 8th Caucus.  Candidates were only allowed to run in one or the other.
  6. President Trump chose the Thursday, February 8th Caucus because it is the only way to earn Nevada's GOP delegates to become the official Republican nominee for President. 
  7. No delegates are awarded for the Tuesday, February 6th primary – which is why it's called a "meaningless primary".
  8. President Trump NEEDS you to show up to the Thursday, February 8th Caucus so he can earn Nevada's delegates and become the official Republican nominee for President. 
  9. President Trump, Binkley, and DeSantis will appear on the ballot. Only caucus votes cast for President Trump or Binkley will be counted toward awarding Nevada’s delegates.
  10. You can find your Caucus voting location at NevadaCaucus.GOP – be sure to reconfirm your caucus location on Caucus Day - Thursday, February 8th - as some locations can change at the last minute.