Statement On The 14th Amendment Victorious Ruling In Michigan

December 14, 2023

"With the Michigan Court of Appeals’ affirmation of the Trump campaign’s victories in the lower court, the Soros-funded Democrats have once again failed in their desperate attempt to interfere in the election via a bad-faith interpretation of the 14th Amendment. President Trump remains undefeated against these frivolous legal claims and has never been in a stronger position to win next year’s election. 
Joe Biden remains a failed president whose popularity and support has crumbled from coast to coast. Biden’s cronies know they are losing and they have turned to the courts to save them from the American voters in an undemocratic, last ditch attempt to stop the American public from throwing them out of power. We look forward to the swift dismissals of all remaining ballot challenge cases and even bigger wins for the American people in 2024.” —Steven Cheung, Trump Campaign Spokesman