Palm Beach Playbook - July 2, 2024

July 02, 2024

July 2, 2024

TRUMP DOMINATES FUNDRAISING – President Donald Trump is crushing Crooked Joe Biden in fundraising just like he crushed Biden in the debate. Today, the Trump Campaign reported that in the second quarter of fundraising, it raised a total of $331 million. This beats the quarterly number of $264 million reported by Biden for the same period. After beating Biden in the months of April and May, the Trump team added another $111.8 million in June.

More importantly, the Trump campaign ends June with a cash on hand advantage as Biden continues to burn through millions while still losing ground in national and battleground polling. Team Trump’s cash on hand at the end of June is $284.9 million compared to $240 million reported by Biden. Make America Great Again!

NEARLY $120 MILLION UP IN FLAMES – Joe Biden has spent nearly $120 million trying to deny reality, and it hasn’t moved the polls an inch. Even worse than that for Joe Biden – all of that spending on lies and gaslighting was flushed down the toilet in 90 minutes.


Here’s a rundown of the recent polls:

  • CNN: President Trump leads Biden by 6 points.
  • Harvard/Harris: President Trump leads Biden by 8 points in a five way race.
  • USA Today/Suffolk: President Trump leads Biden by 3 points in a five way race. 
  • St. Anselm: President Trump leads Biden by 2 points in New Hampshire, which hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 24 years.
  • Cygnal: President Trump leads Biden by 4 points in Pennsylvania.
  • EPIC-MRA: President Trump leads Biden by 4 points in Michigan

In the words of Trump Campaign Senior Advisors Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles: “President Trump’s campaign fundraising operation is thriving day after day and month after month. Winning this quarter brought us a cash on hand advantage, which is punctuated by a Biden burn rate that grows while yielding no tangible results for them. Despite Biden spending nearly $120 million on tv, cable and radio alone, polling and voter enthusiasm continue to grow for President Trump. This fundraising momentum is likely to grow even more as we head into a world-class convention and see the Democrats continue their circular firing squad in the aftermath of Biden’s debate collapse.”

The main problem Biden faces is reality. The reality is that Biden is a failed, dishonest, and weak president who is unfit for office.

WHERE’S THE APOLOGY? – The Trump campaign is demanding an apology from the Biden administration – and their willing mouthpieces in the fake news media – for pushing the “cheap fake” hoax.

Biden’s White House told the American people, “don’t believe your lying eyes,” and many in the media went along with it. An apology is the least of it. We are seeing one of the largest political scandals in modern American history unfold – the years-long effort to hide Biden’s cognitive decline from the American people. That coverup was made worse by the complete and utter failure of the fourth estate, which was more interested in falling in line behind Biden than discovering the truth.

The American people deserve accountability and answers, especially from the dishonest Biden administration. They can start with an apology.

ELECTION THEFTS AND SMILING DEMOCRATS – According to a report from Fox News, an Arizona election worker charged with stealing the login fob to vote tabulators posted smiling photos with Democrat politicians according to resurfaced photos. The article describes how “in one post, Ringfield described the politicians as ‘some of my friends.’”

Unfortunately, this is almost expected. In the words of RNC Election Integrity communications director Claire Zunk, “a leftist activist, with a history of run-ins with the law, allegedly stole the key to illegally access the machine that counts votes from Maricopa’s election system. Democrats at best have turned a blind eye while insisting the election is secure. At worst, was this a planned threat in a long line of extreme election interference by Democrats? What was the motive, one month before the primary? Arizonans must have proof their ballots are safe and Americans a system where these threats are not tolerated.”

The RNC and Arizona GOP were quick to dispatch attorneys and observers on the ground as part of our election integrity program to gather information and promote transparency. This incident raises serious questions about election security in Arizona that must be answered – the RNC and Arizona GOP will continue to be constructively engaged with Maricopa County officials to ensure that the remedies to this security breach sufficiently address concerns. Americans deserve secure elections!

BIDEN IS A LIAR At last week's debate, President Trump delivered a masterful, coherent, and polished performance in which he succinctly laid out the successes of his first term and outlined a clear vision for his second term.

Crooked Joe Biden's performance, of course, was a humiliating display of incoherence. Nothing was more egregious, however, than Crooked Joe's chronic lying. Team Trump has the receipts.

Here are just a few of Biden’s lies and the facts debunking them (click here for more).

  • “I'm the only president this century that… doesn’t have any troops dying anywhere in the world, like he did.”
    • FACT: 13 U.S. servicemembers were killed in Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal and three U.S. servicemembers were killed in Jordan, while other servicemembers have died abroad in training accidents and other incidents.
  • “[If] he gets elected, and the MAGA Republicans control the Congress and they pass a universal ban on abortion… he’ll sign it.”
  • “The Border Patrol endorsed me.”
    • FACT: The Border Patrol union has said they “never have and never will endorse Biden.”
  • “[The border] is better than when he left office.”
    • FACT: In President Trump’s entire term, just over two million illegal aliens were encountered at the southern border; under Crooked Joe, nearly seven million illegals have been encountered so far – not including “gotaways.”
  • “He wants to get rid of Social Security.”
  • “I said I'd never raise a tax on anybody making less than $400,000. I didn’t.”

For the (mostly) comprehensive list of Biden's debate lies, click here.

THE WORLD’S REACTION – The world saw the same debate the American people did. Watch the video here.

BIDEN STILL HIDING – According to recent reports, Joe Biden hasn’t spoken with Democrat governors, senators, or representatives since his disastrous debate performance.

Seems like Biden is still hiding – even from members of his own party. Since picking up the phone is apparently too much to ask, don’t expect Biden to actually answer more questions from the American people. He has held the fewest press conferences and interviews of any president in modern history. One interview with ABC News won’t change the pattern – Biden’s events continue to be completely staged and tightly controlled environments.

In fact, when asked whether Biden will take “more questions from reporters moving forward,” Biden campaign spokesman Adrienne Elrod refused to say. Looks like even his own staff wants him to keep on hiding.

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