Trump Campaign Statement on Biden’s Healthcare for Illegals

May 03, 2024

"Thanks to Bidenomics, inflation continues to increase, job growth is slowing down, unemployment is at the highest level in two years, and more foreign-born workers are joining the labor force than native-born citizens. Yet Joe Biden continues to force hardworking, tax-paying, struggling Americans to pay for the housing, welfare, and now the healthcare of illegal immigrants. This is unfair and unsustainable; and Joe Biden's handouts for illegal immigrants are especially devastating to Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and union workers who are forced to watch their jobs and public resources stolen by people who illegally entered our country. President Trump will put America and the American worker first. He will ​seal the border, stop the invasion, and expand economic opportunity for American citizens, not illegal aliens." 
—Karoline Leavitt, National Press Secretary 
Read the story in Reuters here.