General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Sean O’Brien Accepts President Trump’s Invitation to Address the RNC Convention

June 21, 2024

Today, Sean O’Brien, the General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, accepted President Donald J. Trump’s invitation to address the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee next month. Teamsters President O’Brien is a fourth-generation Teamster and a tireless advocate for the nation’s largest, most diverse labor organization.
Following reports of Teamsters President O’Brien’s interest in speaking at both party conventions this year, President Trump personally extended an invitation for O'Brien to participate at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. In January of this year, President Trump participated in a roundtable discussion with Teamsters President O’Brien, Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman, the union's executive board, and rank-and-file members. A meeting that O’Brien described as “an in-depth and productive discussion on worker issues most important to the Teamsters Union.”
Today, President Trump first shared the news of Teamsters President O’Brien’s invitation and acceptance in a TRUTH Social post, seen here:
“President Trump looks forward to Teamsters President O’Brien speaking to the issues of his rank-and-file members and all of America’s working men and women. President Trump is advocating for an agenda that puts American workers at the forefront of a new, American era of manufacturing and innovation — made in America by Americans. President Trump will bring tax relief and economic policies to reverse the inflation that hurts working families the most, and he will take on globalists who put open borders and the interests of multinational corporations ahead of our nation’s working people. President Trump’s America First Agenda is why so many working union members have joined the movement to Make America Great Again.”
—Brian Hughes, Trump Campaign Senior Advisor