Crooked Biden Recap: Biden’s Weakness Is Not A “Cheap Fake”

June 19, 2024

There’s a reason Biden staffers have posted about unedited, un-doctored clips of Joe Biden over 60 times in an absolute panic, Biden’s obvious weakness is no “cheap fake.” Propaganda propagated by the Biden White House and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media doesn’t change reality. Biden’s weakness is obvious for all to see.

  • The American people see it. The vast majority of the American people, including a majority of Democrats, have concerns about Biden’s fitness for office.
  • Members of Congress see it. According to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, members have increasingly noted that Biden is slipping in closed door meetings. As the article describes, “he read from notes to make obvious points, paused for extended periods and sometimes closed his eyes for so long that some in the room wondered whether he had tuned out.
  • Democrat officials see it. In the words of Cory Booker before commenting on Biden’s diminished state became taboo in the Democrat Party, “there are definitely moments when you listen to Joe Biden and you just wonder.” Jen Psaki expressed similar sentiments, “there have been a number of moments where even those who have affection for Vice President Biden think, ‘what on earth is happening right now?’”
  • The Justice Department sees it. Special Counsel Report Hur noted numerous memory lapses during his interview with Joe Biden, calling Biden an “elderly man with a poor memory” in his report and noting that Biden repeatedly “did not remember when he was vice president.”
  • Foreign nations see it. Joe Biden’s repeated lies, obvious confusion, and decreasing stamina have received intense scrutiny from media around the world. Under Joe Biden, the world is literally laughing at America.
  • Our adversaries see it. The world is in chaos because our adversaries know Joe Biden is weak. Case in point, Biden told the Iranian regime “don’t” in regards to escalating conflict in the Middle East. They completely ignored him.
  • Biden’s own staff sees it. From staging his events, to providing lists of pre-approved reporters to call on, to changing the shoes he wears, to surrounding him when he walks to and from Marine One, to making him use the short stairs, Biden’s own staff knows he is weak. If they wanted to put concerns about his fitness to bed, they would hold more interviews and press conference. He’s done fewer than any president in modern history. The fact that they don’t shows they share the same concerns about Biden’s ability as the American people.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Importantly, the dangers Biden’s weakness poses are not limited to an embarrassing clip online. His weakness threatens the security of our country.

He is too weak to stop the flow of money to Iran; in fact, he reopened it by ending President Trump’s “maximum pressure” in the first place. He is too weak to end China’s blatant provocations against U.S. interests; he needs China for his anti-energy mandates. He is too weak to secure the border; he has handed control of the border to the cartels. He is too weak to stand up to the radicals in his party; instead, he is embracing their inflationary-spending, woke craziness, and anti-American tirades.

The American people will believe their own eyes, not lies from the White House. Joe Biden is weak, and everyone knows it.

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