Crooked Joe Claims To Have Solved Crime—It’s A Total Lie

June 12, 2024

Crooked Joe Biden and Kamala Harris like to claim they have solved crime—it's a complete and total lie.


When Biden took office, the FBI ditched the crime data reporting system used for more than 100 years for a "modernized" system that many of the nation's largest police departments—including the NYPD and LAPD aren't using.


There's not less crime, there's just less reporting of crime data.



In Florida—the third most populous state in the country—over 92% of the state's law enforcement agencies don't submit crime data to the FBI.


Over 90% of Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies are missing from FBI crime data.


Less than a quarter of New York's police departments send crime data to the FBI and less than half do the same in California.


Just as Crooked Joe Biden and his Fake News allies absurdly demand that Americans not believe their lying eyes on Bidenflation, they now also insist that skyrocketing crime is all a figment of Americans' imagination. 


While Biden might be delusional enough to buy the lies he tells—on the economy, on the border, on crime—the American people aren't buying it.