KISS OF DEATH: Little Ron, Big World

December 14, 2023

"Ron DeSanctimonious’s ‘brilliant’ strategy of going on CNN for a townhall seemed to have backfired as it was one of the least watched shows on cable news. By comparison, President Trump’s townhall garnered a whopping 3.3 million viewers, the highest rating CNN has had in years.
Another Iowa poll released today shows DeSanctus getting obliterated by President Trump—54% to 17%.
Throughout the day, Ron has been going on cable news to cry and whine about debates, showing how desperate and pathetic he really is. Ron knows he’s written a check he can’t cash by saying he’ll win Iowa. So now he’s resorting to temper tantrums that all failed candidates do when they see the white light at the end of their political tunnel.
The DeSanctus campaign has started to disrespect the people of Iowa by calling Bob Vander Plaat$ a ‘kingmaker’ that Iowans will follow blindly. In the eyes of their campaign, Iowans don’t deserve their own voice and can’t make decisions on their own, all dutifully falling in line behind a corrupt man who charges large sums of money for his endorsement and exploits money from political candidates."

- Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


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