KISS OF DEATH: Nikki Haley Revives Bush Amnesty Policies

January 08, 2024

"A damning new report from Breitbart News exposes Nikki Haley as the open-border, pro-amnesty Bush acolyte she really is deep down inside.  


Haley is reviving former President George W. Bush’s so-called 'Any Willing Worker' policy that sought to import foreign workers for American jobs at the direction of special interest groups. 

In practice, Haley’s plans would mimic Bush’s 'Any Willing Worker' policy — which vowed to import as many foreign workers as U.S. employers asked for — and massively increase foreign labor market competition against America’s working and middle class. 


As more and more illegal immigrants flood across the border in record numbers, Haley’s open-border policies prove she is out of touch with voters who have suffered through three years of Crooked Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies that have decimated the economy and made communities less safe." 

- Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


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