KISS OF DEATH: Ron’s Humiliation Tour Continues

October 25, 2023

"Ron DeSanctimonious just keeps embarrassing himself on the campaign trail, and yesterday was no exception. He was asked by reporters about the Kiss of Death and he proceeded to completely throw his political advisor Jeff Roe under the bus… and then backed up and ran him over again. As Ron’s sugar daddy, Roe won’t be too happy with that kind of backtalk after he’s invested so much time, effort, and dirty money. 


As DeSanctus was in New Hampshire with Never Trumper Chris Sununu trying to crawl back from a distant FIFTH place, Sununu completely contradicted Ron by saying this isn’t a two man race—as Ron’s campaign has been saying—but a multi-person race. It’s a tough life when a so-called friend is disrespecting you in public and all you can do is awkwardly smile and take it on the chin. 


Even Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis humiliated him—again, he might like that—as she stole the show once again."

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


Don't be so hard on yourself, Ron.


While Ron's own advisor, Jeff Roe's deadline has come and gone for Ron to salvage his dumpster fire of a campaign, Ron has decided he hasn't had enough luxury private travel to call it quits quite yet.


Though things have gone from bad to downright ugly for DeSanctus.


While in New Hampshire, DeSanctus appeared with Gov. Chris Sununu—who has refused to endorse Ron. But it didn't stop there. Despite DeSanctus's desperate insistence that "this is a two-man race," Sununu told reporters while Ron stood impotently by that "I think there’s three or four candidates that are clearly surging ahead."


DeSanctus was visibly furious by Jeff Roe's "60 days to beat Trump" deadline.


From The Messenger:


The top adviser to a super PAC supporting Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign gave the Florida governor 60 days to beat Trump in August. 


Sixty days later, during a campaign stop in New Hampshire, DeSantis acknowledged that wasn’t a “very smart thing to do.”


Never Back Down chief Jeff Roe said in August that DeSantis needed to beat Trump in “the next 60 days,” according to audio from a meeting of Never Back Down super PAC donors. In the months since, the Trump campaign has sent a daily “kiss of death” email counting down from Roe’s 60-day timeline.


Meanwhile, things on the homefront are even worse for DeSanctimonious. State Rep. Randy Fine, a respected member of the Florida legislature and strong advocate for the Jewish community, lambasted Ron for his weakness and flipped his endorsement to President Trump.


The DeSanctimonians have claimed to have marked Iowa as their last stand, but Ron wasn't in Iowa this week. He was in Massachusetts, where he currently trails President Trump by 39 points. It's quite ambitious of Ron to assume his campaign will survive until Super Tuesday!