Ron DeSantis’ Praise Of President Trump

May 24, 2023

“Promises made, promises kept. President Trump restored our economy, brought jobs back to the U.S., strengthened our national security, and supported our veterans and first responders. #SOTU.” – Ron DeSantis, 2/5/19


Before stumbling into a presidential race against President Trump, Swamp Creature DeSantis was a longtime supporter and advocate for President Trump.


DeSantis’ History of Praising President Trump


Beginning in May 2016, DeSantis supported President Trump and said he would vote for him.


In 2017, DeSantis thanked President Trump for signing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


DeSantis praised President Trump in 2017 for his efforts in Israel: “President Trump is doing what his recent predecessors have promised but failed to deliver: formal recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, to be followed by relocation of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem!”


In 2018, DeSantis praised President Trump’s strong leadership on the world stage.


DeSantis in June 2018: “I am absolutely honored to receive the FULL ENDORSEMENT of President Donald Trump. He has thrown his support behind me, because he knows I’ll fight to keep Florida the best state in the nation when I’m your Governor!” He also said he was proud to be endorsed by President Trump and Bikers for Trump.


In July 2018, DeSantis tweeted that he was “incredibly thankful for the Trump Family.” This tweet has now been deleted.


In August 2018, DeSantis bragged about receiving President Trump’s endorsement: “It’s Primary Election Day! Make sure you get out and vote for the ONLY candidate for Governor endorsed by President Trump—Ron DeSantis!”


DeSantis called it a “treat” to have President Trump in Florida for a rally in Fort Myers.


In 2019, DeSantis praised President Trump’s Hurricane relief efforts: “Florida is fortunate to have such a strong ally in the White House. Thank you Mr. President, for supporting the Florida Panhandle!”


DeSantis has touted President Trump’s record as “promises made, promises kept.” Adding that, “President Trump restored our economy, brought jobs back to the U.S., strengthened our national security, and supported our veterans and first responders. #SOTU.”


During DeSantis’ 2018 primary debate, DeSantis called President Trump a “master negotiator.” 


DeSantis on President Trump’s trade policies: “Well, I tell you, I MEAN I think I've been surprised at some of the success he’s gotten.”


DeSantis has also touted President Trump in his own campaign ads.


DeSantis’ 2018 Race For Governor Was An Epic Failure Before President Trump Saved Him And Lifted Him To Victory. President Trump Is A Proven Winner And Will Do It Again In 2024.


In 2018, DeSantis was on track to lose the Republican nomination for governor to Adam Putnam. Putnam had a commanding lead ahead of DeSantis as early as June 2018.


It was not until President Trump endorsed DeSantis that he took a lead in the Florida governor primary race.


In August 2018, DeSantis defeated Putnam for the Republican nomination thanks to President Trump’s endorsement.


In the general election for the Florida governor’s race against Andrew Gillum, DeSantis trailed by as many as 6 points to Gillum.


Once again, DeSantis rode the endorsement of President Trump to help push him across the finish line.


President Trump Will Win Again In 2024


According to a survey, conducted May 12-15, President Trump remains the only GOP candidate who can beat Joe Biden in a general election.


President Trump has opened a clear 7-Point Lead over Biden in the 2024 race in the latest ABC/WaPo poll.


The latest Emerson Poll shows President Trump is also getting a strong backing from women.