KISS OF DEATH: Ron the Moron

December 19, 2023

"Ron DeSanctimonious has surrounded himself with the ‘nastiest, the stupidest, and the most zero-sum people’ around. There’s a saying that a boss’ hires are often a reflection of himself. If that’s the case, Ron must be the biggest moron in politics.


An explosive new report from CNN highlights how DeSanctus failed to drain the swamp in Florida, and actually became one of the biggest swamp creatures in the state.


Last night, Ron had to be babysat by Chip Roy during an interview on FOX News because he was still reeling from having burned almost $100 million through Always Back Down and with nothing to show for it.


Off in the corner throughout the day was Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, whose endorsement actually tanked DeSanctus’s numbers, complaining about a TV ad we’re running highlighting the times she has praised President Trump. Apparently, she wasn’t being truthful back when she made those compliments, or she’s just beholden to DeSantis at this point.



The Ron DeSanctus Embarrassment Tour is blazing a trail across Iowa and New Hampshire, with the prize being an end to his political career and a one-way ticket to becoming Crooked Joe Biden’s top surrogate.


Sadly, DeSanctiminous’ next ticketed one-way ghost plane will be the one that takes him home to Tallahassee. To some there may be some poetic justice in that."

- Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


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