President Donald J. Trump Receives Major Endorsements from Alabama

August 04, 2023

Bedminster, NJ  As President Trump travels to the Alabama Republican Party’s Summer Dinner today, he is proud to receive over a dozen endorsements from federal and statewide elected officials across Alabama. 


Alabama hosted the first stadium Trump rally eight years ago this month, and from that event, President Trump has won four consecutive elections in Alabama, winning the 2016 Primary, 2016 General, 2020 Primary, and 2020 General Elections — all by historic margins.


Alabama's Republican Delegation from the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously endorsed President Trump, along with U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville, Alabama’s senior Senator.

Additionally, Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth, Agriculture Commissioner Rick Pate, and the entire State Public Service Commission endorsed President Trump, alongside former Deputy Director of National Intelligence Cliff Sims.



Trump 2024 Alabama Federal and Statewide-Elected Endorsements 


Senator Tommy Tuberville (AL)United States Senator from Alabama 


Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04)United States Representative from Alabama’s 4th Congressional District 


Congressman Mike Rogers (AL-03), United States Representative from Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District 


Congressman Gary Palmer (AL-06)United States Representative from Alabama’s 6th Congressional District


Congressman Jerry Carl (AL-01)United States Representative from Alabama’s 1st Congressional District 


Congressman Barry Moore (AL-02)United States Representative from Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District 


Congressman Dale Strong (AL-05)United States Representative from Alabama’s 5th Congressional District 


Lieutenant Governor Will AinsworthLieutenant Governor of Alabama
Agriculture Commissioner Rick PateCommissioner of Agriculture and Industries of Alabama
Public Service Commission President Twinkle Andress CavanaughAlabama Public Service Commission President
Public Service Commissioner Chris "Chip” BeekerAlabama Public Service Commissioner
Public Service Commissioner Jeremy OdenAlabama Public Service Commissioner
Cliff SimsFormer Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Strategy and Communications
Key quotes include:
U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville: “He’s the leader America needs in 2024. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States!”
Alabama’s entire U.S. House Delegation: “Today we are proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for President.  After eight years of Obama-Biden socialist policies, in his first term, President Trump’s America First agenda put our nation on a more secure and prosperous path, proving that the Trump policies are the right policies for the American people.  In a second term, President Trump will secure our borders, rebuild our economy, strengthen our national defense, ensure equal justice under law for all Americans – not just political allies – protect our children, including the unborn innocent among us, and restore America’s respect in the world.  We look forward to working with President Trump to Make America Great Again.”
Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth: “Throughout the Trump presidency, gas prices were low, the economy was strong, inflation was nonexistent, the border wall was being constructed, and crime was under control.   Under the Biden presidency, the exact opposite is happening across the board.   Donald Trump made America great again during his first four years, and I’m confident that if given another term in the White House, he can make America great once more.”
Agriculture Commissioner Rick Pate: “President Trump has called himself 'the most Pro-Farmer president,' and his commitment to American agriculture and all of our rural communities has proven him right.  I was proud to be one of Alabama's nine Electoral College electors for President Trump in 2020, and he has my full endorsement as we work to return him to the White House after winning in 2024.”
Alabama’s entire Public Service Commission: “President Trump's commitment to unleashing American energy dominance will drive down costs for hardworking families and make our communities safer and more secure.  As President, he took production to new heights and eliminated our dependence on foreign energy.  He stood strong against the radical Left's socialist agenda and his candidacy represents the surest path to Make America Great Again.  We are proud to stand with President Trump and give him our full endorsement.”
Former Deputy Director of National Intelligence Cliff Sims: “I was honored to serve twice in President Trump’s administration and saw firsthand how he kept America safe without starting any new wars.  By establishing credible deterrence, America’s adversaries knew there would be consequences to harming our national interests.  But he also rejected the military adventurism that has cost America so much blood and treasure in recent decades.  President Trump’s America First approach to foreign policy, trade, manufacturing, and China are the surest path to ensuring peace and security for American families.  That’s why I’m proud to endorse him again for 2024.”