KISS OF DEATH: The DeSantis Decline Continues

October 26, 2023

"Ron DeSanctimonious might be losing his mind on the campaign trail by going full-blown Never Trump, but he’s also losing big time donors who are ditching his campaign for President Trump. A new report details the influx of donors gravitating towards President Trump because it’s clear that lower tier candidates like DeSanctus just simply can’t compete. 


In more bad news for Ron, he’s getting blown out in the polls, with Morning Consult showing him treading water and losing to President Trump by almost 50 points. 


In an effort to turn his campaign around, DeSanctus is making the ‘courageous’ move to do an interview on CNN so he can get his message out to every single one of the channel’s four viewers who watch Fake News. 


What has been increasingly clear is the DeSanctus campaign has made a conscious decision to run a Lincoln Project strategy of disrespecting the America First movement and the patriots standing up against Crooked Joe Biden. Hopefully that’s the only Lincoln Project strategy he’s imitating. If Biden ever needs a new VP running mate, there’s a certain Florida governor who would carry his water."

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


It's over for Ron and everyone knows it. A new report from NBC News details how "Trump-skeptical" donors are now giving up on Ron DeSanctus.


From NBC News:

“There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump will be the nominee of our party,” said Ed Broyhill, a longtime GOP donor who was Trump’s North Carolina finance chairman in 2020. “The grassroots are a solid foundation for Donald Trump.”

Earlier this year, Broyhill was considering supporting other candidates, like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis or former Vice President Mike Pence. But he is now firmly a Trump supporter.

“I have met with all the candidates,” he said. “None are close to the level of support Trump has.”


Meanwhile, Ron has sunk to an all-new low in Pennsylvania, with a humiliating 14% support among GOP voters, according to a new Franklin & Marshall poll.


A new Morning Consult poll shows DeSanctus crashing to 13% nationally, extending President Trump's lead to 49 points over the GOP field.



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