ICYMI: President Trump Posts 46-Point Lead Over DeSantis, Holds 62% Support in Latest CBS Poll

August 20, 2023

Bedminster, NJ — A new CBS News poll found that President Trump holds a whopping 46-point lead in the 2024 GOP primary election, as Ron DeSantis continues to collapse in national and early state polls.


2024 Republican Nomination: Who Would You Vote For Today?


62%     President Donald J. Trump

16%     Ron DeSantis

7%       Vivek Ramaswamy

5%       Mike Pence

3%       Tim Scott

2%       Nikki Haley



The survey also found that more than three-quarters of Republicans see the sham political prosecutions of President Trump as "politically motivated."



Voters recognize that President Trump is the only candidate who has a proven record of delivering results for the American people and the only candidate who "fights for people like me."



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