Palm Beach Playbook - June 6, 2024

June 06, 2024

June 6, 2024

D-DAY – Today, and every day, we honor, remember, and thank the heroes of D-Day.

In the words of President Trump at the 75th Commemoration, “we remember those who fell, and we honor all who fought right here in Normandy. They won back this ground for civilization…You are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live. You’re the pride of our nation. You are the glory of our republic. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


AN EMBARRASSMENT ON THE WORLD STAGE – Joe Biden is embarrassing our country while the world is watching. He is perpetually confused – he can’t even sit down without making a fool of himself – and our enemies see it.

His weakness, confusion, and failed policies have brought the world to the brink of World War III.

  • Under President Trump, peace agreements were being signed in the Middle East, Iran was broke, Hamas was cut off from funding, Russia was in check, China was being held accountability for their international and human rights abuses, and the United States was respected.
  • Under Joe Biden, Israel is under attack, Iran’s foreign reserves have grow by tens of billions of dollars, Hamas launched the worst attack on Israel in decades, Russia invaded Ukraine, China is openly spying on the U.S. and setting up bases close to our shores, Afghanistan was surrendered, and a record number of U.S. embassies have been forced to evacuate. 

For the sake of our nation’s security and the preservation of democracy for future generations, America needs President Trump back in the White House. For more on Biden’s foreign policy failures, click here and here.

THE BORDER REMAINS OPEN – To the surprise of no one paying attention, there is no change at the border following Biden’s toothless executive order – the crisis continues at a breakneck pace.

According to Fox News, “there were roughly 5,600 CBP encounters yesterday, which includes the 4,000 illegal crossings and CBP One App releases at ports of entry.” In just San Deigo, “over 1,000 illegal immigrants were released into the U.S. yesterday” as “mass catch & release continues.”


Yesterday’s executive order was never meant to secure the border – it was an election year ploy, and an obvious one at that. Biden could secure the border at any time by reinstating President Trump’s border security measures. He refuses because the crisis is by design.

“SUCCESS WILL UNIFY” – President Trump spoke with Sean Hannity about his vision for the future of our country. Joe Biden is a divider in chief – he smears Americans, weaponizes institutions against his political opponents, and pushes a terrible, far-left agenda. President Trump will unify our country with success – a secure border, a prosperous economy, and a patriotic nation.

In the words of President Trump, “November 5th will go down as the most important election in the history of our country.”

TIKTOK UPDATE – President Trump’s TikTok launch smashed records for a political account on the platform. The launch video has been viewed over 82 million times, and his account @RealDonaldTrump gained 5.4 million followers in just the first four days.

Not only has President Trump’s first TikTok amassed 40 times more views than Joe Biden’s TikTok account averages in an entire month, but President Trump’s account blew past Biden’s weak 300,000 follower count. President Trump has now surpassed every other political account on TikTok with both views and followers and is one of the fastest growing accounts in TikTok history.

To read more, click here.

STAGE DESIGN UNVEILED –  Yesterday, the Republican National Convention unveiled the stage design for the convention in July. The stage design will be 26 feet tall and 60 feet wide with 1200 LED panels, the centerpiece of this historic and world-class event.

There’s only 39 days to go until the Convention, and Republicans could not be more excited.

BIDEN’S KGB CONNECTION? – During a new interview with ABC News, Joe Biden claimed to have “known” Vladimir Putin for 40 years.

But as the New York Post points out, Putin was “an undercover KGB intelligence officer through the entire 1980s…Putin worked as an intelligence officer in the Soviet Union’s spy network from 1975 to 1991, with postings in his hometown of St. Petersburg and the former East Germany.”


So Joe Biden either had some previously unknown, and concerningly close, relationship with the Russian spy agency, or, like in many other instances, he just made it up. Assuming this is a lie, what’s so astonishing is how pointless a lie it is – we all know Joe Biden has been a career politician for 50 years. He just can’t help himself; he is a pathological liar.

Read the full article here.

“AN ELECTION YEAR PLOY” – Joe Biden’s executive order doesn’t secure the border. It codifies the invasion – an invasion he aided and abetted from the start. Watch the video here.

FAILURE, WEAKNESS, AND CHAOS – Joe Biden’s foreign policy legacy is one of failure. He is weak, and our country is less safe. Watch the video here.

BRAVING THE HEAT – Massive lines have formed to see President Trump in Arizona today, despite 100 degree heat. That’s an enthusiasm that Joe Biden will never see. That’s the enthusiasm Americans have to Make America Great Again!

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