FACT #1: President Trump did nothing wrong. These charges are entirely fabricated in order to interfere in the election and distract from the failed presidency of Crooked Joe Biden.


FACT #2: This is the Biden Trial. It is a full-frontal assault on American Democracy in service of the interests of Crooked Joe Biden’s campaign.


FACT #3: Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg ran for election on prosecuting President Trump.


FACT #4: This case is almost entirely reliant on the testimony of convicted felon,  disbarred attorney, perjurer and notorious liar, Michael Cohen.


FACT #5: Michael Cohen filed a legal motion to reduce his federal criminal sentence that cited A.I.-generated and completely fake case law to plead his case. He failed. (Axios, 12/29/23)


FACT #6: President Trump is the only person who has ever been solely charged with these crimes as stand-alone felonies. This is an unprecedented abuse of our legal system.


FACT #7: DA Bragg sat on this case for years, letting the statute of limitations expire. He manipulated the law to bring forth a new case to interfere in the election on behalf of Crooked Joe Biden.


FACT #8: Judge Merchan set a bizarre trial schedule for this case.


FACT #9: The presiding judge in this case, Juan Merchan is a Biden-Harris donor. (NY Post, 4/7/23)


FACT #10: The American People know a partisan Witch-Hunt when they see one and they are going to put President Trump back in the Oval Office in November.