KISS OF DEATH: The DeSantis Dumpster Fire Is Out of Control

December 04, 2023

"The last few days have been tough for Ron DeSanctimonious as the drama surrounding the implosion of his Super PAC, Always Back Down, has completely upended his campaign.
It started late last month when former ABD CEO Chris Jankowski was abruptly relieved of his duties as news outlets reported on a physical altercation between ABD strategist Jeff Roe (who has a shady past of his own) and DeSanctus’ former roommate Scott Wagner.
Then over the weekend, Jankowski’s replacement, Kristen Davison along with junior staffers Erin Perrine and Matthew Palmisano were also fired, leaving a gaping hole that Ron is struggling to fill.
In the meantime, DeSanctus has given the reigns over to Wagner—his former roommate—because nothing says success like some random guy who has no idea what he’s doing."

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


The end is nearing for Ron DeSanctimonious. With the Iowa caucuses only 42 days away, the DeSanctimonians are undergoing yet another reboot. As Ron continues to fall like a seriously injured bird in every poll, the Jeff "Kiss of Death" Roe-managed Always Back Down cleaned house over the weekend, sending several staffers packing.
Meanwhile, DeSanctus' all-in Iowa strategy is proving to be as effective as Joe Biden's border "security," with a new AFP Action poll showing DeSanctus now occupies THIRD PLACE in Iowa and New Hampshire.
After spending millions of dollars, tanking Kim Reynold's approval rating, buying the Bob Vander Plaat$ endorsement, and becoming the second candidate to visit all of Iowa's 99 counties, there is no explanation for DeSanctus' catastrophic decline other than the fact that Iowans have simply rejected Ron.
A new national poll from TIPP Insights shows Ron falling to third place nationally, dropping into the single digits and losing nearly a third of his support since November.
Soon, Ron will be battling to hold onto third place. It begs the question: when will Ron get a grip on reality, back down, and drop out?

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