Polling Week in Review: President Trump Crushes in GOP Primary, Towering Over Crooked Joe Biden in General Election

November 17, 2023

Mar-a-Lago, FL – President Trump continues to dominate in the 2024 GOP primary and handily defeats Crooked Joe Biden in general election polls.


President Trump has reached all-time highs over the entire Republican field and is leading Biden in several key battleground states.


Earlier this week, a new Cygnal poll found that President Trump’s lead in the GOP primary has extended to 52-points, with 60% support, while every other challenger remains in the single digits.



Cygnal: National GOP Primary Poll


60%      President Donald J. Trump (+51)

9%        Ron DeSantis

8%        Nikki Haley

8%        Vivek Ramaswamy

5%        Chris Christie


A separate poll conducted by Fox News confirms President Trump's commanding lead over the GOP field, showing President Trump holds 62% support among Republican voters.



Fox News: National GOP Primary Poll


62%      President Donald J. Trump (+48)

14%        Ron DeSantis

11%        Nikki Haley

7%        Vivek Ramaswamy

3%        Chris Christie


A new poll from FAU/Mainstream Research shows President Trump leading Ron DeSanctus in EVERY REGION of Florida.



President Trump also holds dominating leads in Iowa, New Hampshire and Ohio.


Iowa State/Civiqs: Iowa GOP Primary Poll


54%      President Donald J. Trump (+36)

18%      Ron DeSantis

12%      Nikki Haley                              

6%        Vivek Ramaswamy

3%        Chris Christie


UNH/CNN: New Hampshire GOP Primary Poll


42%      President Donald J. Trump (+24)

20%      Nikki Haley

14%      Chris Christie

9%        Ron DeSantis

8%        Vivek Ramaswamy


Emerson: Ohio GOP Primary Poll


62%      President Donald J. Trump (+52)

10%      Nikki Haley

8%        Ron DeSantis

6%        Vivek Ramaswamy

2%        Chris Christie


President Trump continues to dominate the GOP field in California, with 63% support, according to a new Emerson poll.



Emerson: California GOP Primary Poll


63%      President Donald J. Trump (+52)

11%      Ron DeSantis

5%        Nikki Haley

4%        Chris Christie

3%        Vivek Ramaswamy


Poll after poll shows President Trump would crush Crooked Joe Biden in a general election matchup.


According to a new Fox News poll, President Trump would beat Joe Biden by 4 points and has made whopping gains with key groups of voters, including independents, Black voters, Hispanic voters, and suburban voters.



For the first time in history, President Trump leads Joe Biden in the Quinnipiac general election poll.


Quinnipiac: General Election Poll


48%      President Donald J. Trump (+2)

46%      Joe Biden


Crooked Joe Biden trails President Trump in the battleground state of Arizona, according to a new Noble Predictive Insights poll.


Noble Predictive Insights: Arizona General Election Poll


46%      President Donald J. Trump (+8)

38%      Joe Biden


In the survey, President Trump holds a 3-point lead over Biden among Arizona independents and earns support from 11% of Democrats.


Ron DeSanctimonious, however, is statistically tied with Biden in a hypothetical general election race in Arizona, with Biden beating DeSanctus among independents.


Earlier this week, a survey from Stack Data Strategy, a firm known for its work with the NRSC which "nailed the 2022 midterms," showed President Trump handily beating Crooked Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Gavin Newsom in hypothetical general election matchups.



Interestingly, Biden trounces DeSanctus by double the electoral votes. In fact, DeSanctus would earn the fewest electoral votes of any major party candidate in nearly 20 years.



It's crystal clear that only one Republican can beat Joe Biden in 2024: President Donald J. Trump.