Biden Made His First Visit As President To The Border He Destroyed

January 10, 2023

“Biden’s open border policies are a deadly betrayal of our nation.” – President Donald J. Trump

BIDEN’S BORDER CATASTROPHE: Biden made his first-ever border visit as president after systematically dismantling every major border security measure that President Trump implemented. 


  • Shortly after taking office, Biden canceled construction of the wall, moved to halt deportations for 100 days, and instituted catch and release across the entire southern border.

  • Biden gutted “Remain in Mexico” and terminated President Trump’s historic asylum agreements with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

  • Biden effectively abolished interior enforcement, reversing President Trump’s executive order that had expanded immigration officials’ ability to enforce our laws and creating thousands of non-enforcement zones around America where ICE is not permitted to go.

  • Deportations in 2021 were the lowest on record. In 2022, ICE deported 61% fewer illegal aliens than in 2020, including 66% fewer criminals, even though border crossings increased by 419%.

  • Biden abolished the Trump administration’s prohibition on deadly sanctuary cities receiving federal funds, abolished the plan to determine whether Census respondents were even American citizens, and pushed to end Title 42.

  • The Biden administration pushed for cutting the number of detention beds by 9,000 at a time when millions of additional illegal aliens are crossing the border.

  • Biden’s administration argued before the Supreme Court that they should be given the discretion to release violent criminal illegal aliens into communities. 

  • In a speech last week, Biden refused to admit that there is any border crisis, praised his “Border Czar” Kamala Harris, and proposed a new mass amnesty plan.


A HISTORIC BORDER CRISIS: Biden’s actions have resulted in record-breaking numbers of illegal crossings, enrichment of drug cartels, and a devastating humanitarian crisis.

  • Both 2021 and 2022 saw the largest number of illegal crossings on record. There have been over 5 million illegal crossings since Biden took office. This year is on track to be even worse, with a record 617,000 encounters this fiscal year alone.

  • 98 known or suspected terrorists were arrested at the border last year—more than three times the total for the previous five years combined. Encounters with illegal aliens convicted of murder increased by over 1,900% and of drug trafficking by 480% since 2020.

  • Deadly drugs are pouring across our borders, poisoning hundreds of thousands of our citizens. Last year, enough fentanyl was seized at the border to kill every single American.

  • Fueled in large part by Biden’s border crisis, fentanyl has become the leading cause of death for Americans between ages 18 and 45.

  • Biden’s open borders have also created a humanitarian crisis. Migrant deaths at the border last year reached a record-high of over 800, and human smuggling arrests are up 82% since 2014.

  • Cartels and human smugglers have profited off the border crisis with their revenue increasing by an estimated 2,500% since 2018.


AMERICA NEEDS THE TRUMP BORDER SECURITY AGENDA: President Trump will wage war on the cartels and create the strongest border in history, just like we had two years ago.

  • President Trump built 450 miles of new border wall system, ended catch and release, rooted out asylum fraud, combated human smuggling, forged historic asylum agreements with Northern Triangle countries, and deployed nearly 5,000 troops to the Southern Border.

  • After President Trump implemented his historic reforms, illegal crossings fell by nearly 90%.

  • President Trump also stripped funding from deadly sanctuary cities and deported over 20,000 gang members, including 4,500 members of the brutal MS-13 gang.

  • President Trump worked with Mexico and other countries to dismantle the human smuggling networks in our hemisphere that fuel the border crisis by exploiting vulnerable groups.

  • Under President Trump, the Department of Justice prosecuted a record number of immigration-related crimes.

  • Last week, President Trump released a bold plan to destroy the cartels just like we destroyed ISIS, including by imposing a full naval embargo to stop cartels from using the waters of our region to smuggle deadly narcotics to America.

  • President Trump has pledged to fully rebuild the secure border that Joe Biden has dismantled.