October 09, 2023

"When Ron DeSanctimonious decides to appear on Morning Mike during a Republican primary, you know he’s desperate and on the verge of having a mental breakdown.


However, this may be DeSanctus auditioning on the MSNBC casting couch hoping to get a contributorship when his campaign eventually flames out. In the end, there is no job, Ron. 


First it was Bill Maher's show where he was completely savaged by the comedian; maybe The View is the next stop on the DeSanctus Highway to Irrelevancy Tour 2023.


On top of that, Nikki "Birdbrain" Haley announced her paltry fundraising numbers, but she actually has more money to spend on the primary than DeSanctus. Come on, Ron!"

—Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe gave Ron DeSanctimonious 60 days to "beat Trump."


With just over two weeks to go, DeSantcus has relegated himself to a media tour of anyone who will take him. After all, nothing says 'things are going well in the GOP primary' like appearing on MSNBC.


After Nikki "Birdbrain" Haley passed Ron in the polls, she has now passed Ron in funds.


From The New York Times:


Ms. Haley, who, according to her campaign, has raised $11 million across her political committees, entered October with significantly more cash on hand that can be spent on the 2024 primary than Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida — $9.1 million to roughly his $5 million — even as he out-raised her overall.


But both Ms. Haley and Mr. DeSantis’s fund-raising figures were dwarfed by the man they are chasing in the polls: Former President Donald J. Trump announced in recent days that he had raised $45.5 million in the quarter and had $36 million on hand that is eligible to be spent on the primary.


As DeSantus makes his last stand, it's clear Ron is hell-bent on completely beclowning himself before his dying campaign grinds to a halt.



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