KISS OF DEATH: Biden’s Border Bloodbath Brings Ultra-Deadly Zombie Drug to America

April 15, 2024

"Crooked Joe Biden's invasion of America's borders has hit an all-new low. New CBP data through March shows at least 24,296 Chinese nationals have been apprehended by Border Patrol in FY 2024 alone—a 7,000% increase over FY 2021, with more than 6 months left in this fiscal year.
Biden could end the bloodbath today—but he won't. It's all by design, and it's tragically going to get a lot worse. Mexico is now warning of a spike in the ultra-deadly "Zombie Drug" near the US border—an animal tranquilizer that makes overdoses much harder to treat and increases the risk of death.
Across the nation, innocent American families are being destroyed by Biden's Border Bloodbath. President Trump will secure our borders, end the invasion, and Make America Safe Again!"
— Steven Cheung, Trump Campaign Communications Director