Politico Carries Water for the Chinese Communist Party; Spews Lies and Falsehoods to Interfere In 2024 Election

April 03, 2024

The Donald J. Trump Campaign released the following statement from Communications Director Steven Cheung in response to Politico's false reporting:


In Politico’s Nightly newsletter, Catherine Kim makes a harebrained assertion that China would prefer President Trump to return to the White House. The same President Trump who made China submit to pro-America trade and tariff regulations, called them out for exporting the Coronavirus that killed millions across the world, and stood tough against Chinese economic aggression throughout his first term.


For a media outlet and its reporter to peddle lies and feature commentary from a “China expert” named Rorry Daniels—who by the way is a Democrat donor—is laughable at best. Politico is being played by devious Chinese forces who seek to manipulate malleable American media outlets and their reporters because they know Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very real disease that distorts all reasoning.


The fact is that China has grown stronger under a weak Biden presidency, and our allies are even more in danger as China builds up its economic and military power. Deadly Chinese fentanyl continues to flow into American communities killing scores of people while illegal Chinese migrants are the fastest growing group crossing the Southern Border.


Let’s not forget Politico’s official media partner in Asia is the South China Morning Post, widely considered to be the mouthpiece of the CCP.


Instead of hawking pro-Chinese talking points, Politico should turn their backs on their puppet masters and report on real news—a Biden presidency means a weaker America and a stronger China. There is only one person who can stop that from happening: Donald J. Trump.