KISS OF DEATH: DeSantis Went Full Never Trump. You Never Go Full Never Trump.

November 20, 2023

"Just when you think Ron DeSanctimonious couldn’t sink any lower, he sinks his high heels even further by digging his own political grave. You went full Never Trump, Ron. Never go full Never Trump. But Ron went on Fake Tapper’s CNN morning show on Sunday to echo the mainstream’s unfounded attacks on President Trump, proving he’s more aligned with the Lincoln Project than Republican voters.


In a new Harvard/Harris poll, DeSanctus has now fallen to single digits nationally, garnering just 9 percentage points. Meanwhile, President Trump continues to build his historic lead to 67%. President Trump also remains the strongest candidate against Crooked Joe Biden as the poll shows he’s the only person who can retake the White House.


If anyone needs any more proof that Iowa is Trump Country, take a look at this comparison."



— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


As his fight for second place continues, Ron DeSanctimonious took to Fake News CNN where he continued to prove just how out of touch he is with the Republican base. Voters nationwide are making it clear with each poll just how much they prefer President Trump over Ron DeSanctus.


After going all in on Iowa - and having nothing to show for it - Ron is seeing a nose dive in New Hampshire. RSBN talks about how “Gov. Ron DeSantis…sunk to fifth place…winning only seven percent of support among New Hampshire GOP primary voters.” 


While being virtually unknown in New Hampshire, Breitbart breaks down the latest national Harvard/Harris poll where 67% of people selected President Trump, placing him 58 points above Ron DeSanctus, who comes in second place with 9%.


In The Messenger’s latest piece about DeSanctus having to resort to attacking Birdbrain Nikki Haley, Eva Surovell says, “DeSantis' campaign has struggled to combat financial and staffing woes, while Haley has enjoyed a boost in momentum following several Republican primary debates.”


With such horrible post debate numbers, Ron should really reconsider his debate with Gavin Newsom if he wants to stay above 5%. Be likable Ron!


If Ron DeSanctimonious wants to make it to Super Tuesday, he needs to strap up his high heel boots, ditch these MSM talking points, and figure out what GOP voters actually care about.


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