WEEK IN REVIEW: Biden’s Border Bloodbath Has Deadly Consequences for American Citizens

March 22, 2024

Crooked Joe Biden's Border Crisis has created a tragic surge in violent crime against innocent American citizens at the hands of some of the world's most violent criminals — who would have never been in our country under President Donald J. Trump.


Biden could end the carnage today, but he won't.


Across the nation, illegal aliens are committing murders, rapes, violent assaults, and an array of other heinous crimes:


Senior MS-13 gang leader, one of FBI’s most wanted, arrested on southern border


From New York Post:


A senior leader of the notorious MS-13 gang — one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives — was captured on the California-Mexico border earlier this month after more than three years on the lam, according to court records.


Jandres-Parada had been on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, with a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.


Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Stabbing Two at Missouri Laundromat


From National Review:


Missouri police have arrested Jose Barrera, an illegal immigrant, for stabbing two people at a laundromat on Sunday. Both victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries.


Barrera attacked the first victim after the pair engaged in a verbal exchange at Highlander Laundry in O’Fallon, Mo. Using a pocketknife hidden in his sock, Barrera stabbed the first victim in the back, and when the second victim tried to intervene, Barrera stabbed him in the back as well.



Report: Three Illegal Aliens Accused of Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting Woman


From Breitbart:


Three illegal aliens are accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Andres Felipe Morales, Darinel Ordonez Jimenez, and Marcos Felipe Ramirez, all illegal aliens from Guatemala, have been arrested and charged with the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman that they allegedly grabbed off a sidewalk in Palm Beach County.


Terrorist Caught Illegally Crossing Border Says He Was ‘Here to Make a Bomb’


From The Epoch Times:


A member of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah was caught entering the country illegally at the Texas border, where he told agents he was plotting to make a bomb once settled in the country, according to a March 19 federal court document.


Basel Bassel Ebbadi, a Lebanese national, told a Texas border agent that he was “here to make a bomb” and that he spent several years training with the Hizballah terrorist group, an alternate name for Hezbollah, and he “was taught to kill people who were not Muslim.”


Biden Administration Releases Colombian Drug Lord After Brief Apprehension at Border


From Breitbart:


The Biden administration released a Venezuelan national after briefly detaining him for illegally crossing the border into Texas even though he was on Interpol’s most wanted list for murder, extortion, and drug dealing in Colombia.


The U.S. Border Patrol apprehended Aderbis Segundo Pirela-Pirela, a 29-year-old Venezuelan native, after he illegally crossed the border at Eagle Pass, Texas, on January 2, according to KSAT-TV.


Illegal migrant from Brazil apprehended in MA, wanted in home country for escaping prison, violent crime: ICE


From Fox News:


An illegal migrant, who is wanted in Brazil for a violent crime, was apprehended by Enforcement and Removal Operations in Massachusetts.


According to a press release from Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), the 23-year-old noncitizen on March 14 near his residence in Everett, Massachusetts.


The immigration enforcement said that the Brazilian national was wanted in his home country for failing to complete a 19-year prison sentence for an armed robbery conviction.


Illegal immigrant arrested in Arizona had felony child sex crime convictions from Utah, Border Patrol says


From Fox News:


A convicted child predator was reportedly taken into custody in Arizona by Border Patrol agents this month after illegally entering the United States.


The unidentified 32-year-old man was part of a group of six people when he was arrested on March 10, the agency told Fox News Digital. 


The group was found in a remote area near Sasabe, Arizona. The man, a Mexican citizen, has two felony convictions for child sex crimes out of St. George, Utah. 


Migrant church worker accused of molesting girls as young as 6 snuck back into US twice after being deported


From New York Post:


migrant from El Salvador who is charged with molesting children as young as 6 was deported twice — then arrested and released back into the community last year despite being in the country illegally, according to authorities.


Ervin Jeovany Alfaro-Lopez, 33, is accused of groping at least four little girls as they prayed at a church outside Washington, DC, while he worked there as a teacher.