ONE YEAR LATER: President Trump’s Policy-Driven Re-Election Campaign Has Dominated the GOP Primary and Will Win Back The White House in 2024

November 15, 2023

It has been exactly one year since President Donald J. Trump announced his re-election campaign. Since then, President Trump has handily dispatched every GOP challenger and is on track to defeat Crooked Joe Biden in 2024.


President Trump has unveiled the most robust policy agenda of any Presidential candidate in recent memory. His Agenda47 platform lays out exactly what a second term would look like under his leadership and how to reverse the misery Joe Biden has brought to all Americans. President Trump's Agenda47 policies have addressed issues affecting real Americans' lives across the spectrum, from veteran homelessness to lowering energy costs to returning the production of essential medicines to firing radical Marxist prosecutors.


President Trump speaks at a Make America Great Again Rally in Waco, TX


Those in the mainstream media who doubted President Trump’s candidacy on November 15, 2022, were quickly proven to be nothing more than naysayers who did not appreciate nor understand the political force of the America First movement. Because of President Trump, millions of Americans have been empowered to use their voice and energy to restore power to the People, and join the ranks of an incredible movement to Make America Great Again.


President Trump signs a John Deere combine while visiting a farm in Oskaloosa, IA


On the campaign trail, President Trump has met with Americans from all backgrounds all across the country, tackling the issues impacting their lives. President Trump has reaffirmed his commitment to Iowa Ethanol in America's heartland, pledged to support local opposition to storing nuclear waste at the Yucca Mountain in Nevada, offered a plan to curb the opioid epidemic in New Hampshire, and outlined detailed plans in Texas to unleash American energy and secure America's southern border. When Joe Biden was AWOL in East Palestine, Ohio, President Trump traveled to the frontlines to comfort the community and bring national attention to the Biden administration's dereliction. President Trump spoke to Auto Workers about Joe Biden's insane job-killing electric vehicle mandate in Michigan.


President Trump speaks to Michigan Auto Workers in Clinton Township, MI


President Trump hands out MAGA hats at McDonald's in East Palestine, OH



President Trump has strengthened state parties and remains the undisputed leader of the Republican Party. His endorsement is the single most sought-after endorsement in political history. President Trump has successfully realigned the GOP as the party of the forgotten man and woman and championed policies that put America First.


President Trump visits Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH


President Trump is leading every GOP challenger with overwhelming support and is beating Crooked Joe Biden in key battleground states. President Trump leads nationally by 42+ points, and leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, and South Carolina by 30+ points. Countless polls show President Trump beating Biden in virtually every battleground state. In fact, President Trump would easily defeat ANY candidate the Radical Democrats put forward in 2024.



Four years of a disastrous Biden Administration has reminded Americans of a more prosperous and peaceful time under President Trump. The economy was booming like never before, and no new wars were started.


America was respected and feared on the world stage. Our allies could depend on America to be the beacon of light in the world’s darkest hour. That is sadly no longer the case as Biden has made America less safe and acquiesced and kowtowed to our greatest enemies.


In 2024, Americans will re-elect President Donald J. Trump and save America.