Statement On Maine Superior Court Ruling On 14th Amendment Appeal

January 17, 2024

"Today, Maine’s Superior Court ruled to keep President Trump’s name on the ballot, pending a decision from the Supreme Court of the United States in the Colorado case. This is a correct action, and we remain steadfast in our opposition to these bad-faith shams. President Trump is confident that we will ultimately prevail with a fair ruling on the issues in front of the Supreme Court. In states across the country, Crooked Joe Biden and his Democrat apparatchiks, through Soros-funded front groups, have weaponized the institutions of government to interfere in the upcoming election and disenfranchise over a hundred million voters. The Democrats are desperate to cling to power by any means necessary. We will not stop fighting the remaining bogus, bad-faith 14th Amendment ballot challenges and President Trump looks forward to winning the state of Maine later this year, being re-elected in November, and he will Make America Great Again.” —Steven Cheung, Trump Spokesman