Palm Beach Playbook - June 25, 2024

June 25, 2024

June 25, 2024

A TRUMP LANDSLIDE –  The New York Times is out with a new write-up today with the headline, “Biden’s Polling Progress.” Absurd. Based on the data actually cited in the write-up, a more accurate headline is: “Heading Into The 1st Debate, Polling Averages Put Trump At 312 Electoral Votes.”

The details: According to The New York Times’s own polling averages, President Trump is leading in enough states to total 312 electoral votes.

In other words, a landslide. Again, that’s straight from The New York Times’s own polling averages. Par for the course from The New York Times though, you’d never know that from the headline.

Notably, President Trump’s lead comes after Team Biden has spent over $100 million on ads in these states. Meanwhile, Biden folks are lamenting that they are losing their cash advantage. We can’t blame them, but if they are wondering how and why, they should look no further than the $100 million they have wasted so far on ads that have gotten them nowhere. It turns out, nobody wants their snake oil, no matter how many times they put it on T.V.

REPUBLICAN POLICIES WORK – New data from the Labor Department reaffirms a trend that we have been seeing for decades, red states outperform blue states, especially on the economy.


The Facts:

  • Republican led-states are bringing back jobs faster, with 12 of the top 15 states for jobs recovered since the coronavirus pandemic began led by Republican governors.
  • Republican-led states have lower unemployment rates, with eight of the top 10 states with the lowest unemployment rates led by Republican governors.
  • Republican-led states have higher growth and lower costs, with a recent ABC News analysis showing that “an overwhelming majority” of Republican-led states are among the top 18 performers on four key economic measures: job growth, personal income growth, gross domestic product growth, and gas prices.

With results like these, it’s no surprise that people are moving with their feet, fleeing Democrat-led states for Republican ones. Republican policies work. Americans will vote to put commonsense back in the White House by reelecting President Trump! For all of the facts, click here.

MARICOPA COUNTY ELECTION OFFICE INCIDENT – Yesterday, a temporary elections worker with a criminal history in Arizona allegedly stole a key fob to secure areas from the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center. The RNC and AZGOP dispatched attorneys and observers on the ground as part of our election integrity program to gather information and promote transparency as the situation developed.

Chairman Michael Whatley released a statement that said in part, “the RNC and AZGOP have a long history of engaging in Maricopa County election issues both in the field and in the courtroom, and yesterday's events are an example of our election integrity program's capacity to provide real-time legal response when issues arise at tabulation centers. This incident raises serious questions about election security in Arizona that must be answered – we will be constructively engaged with Maricopa County officials to ensure that the remedies to this security breach sufficiently address our concerns.”

Read the full statement here.

WHAT IS BIDEN HIDING? – Biden campaign spokesperson Adrienne Elrod says Crooked Joe Biden won’t commit to taking a drug test before the debate.

Why not? What’s he hiding?

THE DANGERS OF CATCH AND RELEASE – The illegal alien accused of raping and murdering a 12-year-old girl was wearing an ICE ankle monitor during the horrific attack according to a report from Fox News.

Per the report:

  • “A suspect in the murder of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray in Houston last week was wearing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) ankle bracelet at the time of the crime.”
  • “Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, one of the suspects behind the murder, appeared in court Monday at Harris County Criminal Court, where it was revealed that he was wearing the ankle monitor at the time he allegedly murdered Nungaray.”
  • “The ankle bracelet was provided to him when he was arrested by Border Patrol agents after entering the country illegally and being released from custody, with ICE telling Fox News in a statement Friday that he ‘illegally entered the U.S. without inspection, parole or admission by a U.S. immigration officer on an unknown date and at an unknown location.’”

He was caught and released into the country because of Joe Biden’s cruel open-border agenda. Ankle monitors are no substitute for a secure border. Read the full article here.

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – President Trump has a vision to make America prosperous, safe, strong, and proud again! Watch the video here.

BIDEN VS. SOCIAL SECURITY –  Crooked Joe Biden has tried to cut Social Security for decades, and now he wants to give government benefits to illegal aliens while his inflation tax hurts America’s seniors. President Trump will always protect Social Security! Watch the video here.

ONE OF BIDEN’S BIGGEST HOAXES – From the very start of his campaign for president in 2019, Biden said he was running because of the “very fine people” hoax – the demonstrable lie which falsely claims that President Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people.” Now, seven years too late, even the liberal “fact check” organization Snopes is debunking this flat-out lie. Watch the video here.

BIDEN LIES – All week long, the Trump Rapid Response Team will be calling out Biden’s lies ahead of the debate. There are a lot of them.

Today, they called out some of Biden’s major lies on foreign policy. Among Biden’s lies:

  • “We’ll withdraw from Afghanistan responsibly, deliberately, and safely.” (Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal was among the worst foreign policy debacles in modern history).
  • “Don’t worry about China.” (Tensions with China are higher than ever as the CCP is emboldened by Biden’s weakness).
  • Iran knows "not to do anything." (Crooked Joe Biden’s policy of appeasement has enriched the Iranian regime with tens of billions of dollars).
  • “I put together the Quad — which is India, Australia, the United States, and Japan.” (This is a classic example of Crooked Joe Biden taking credit for something he didn’t do).
  • “America is back.” (Under President Trump, America was strong. Crooked Joe Biden has embarked on a foreign policy of weakness).

Crooked Joe Biden’s record is indefensible – so all he can do is lie, and that's exactly what he is going to do on Thursday night. For more, click here.

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