BIDEN LIES: Foreign Policy Edition

June 25, 2024


BIDEN LIE: "We’ll withdraw from Afghanistan responsibly, deliberately, and safely."


Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal was among the worst foreign policy debacles in modern history — resulting in the deaths of 13 U.S. service members, leaving American citizens stranded, allowing billions of dollars of U.S. equipment to fall into terrorists’ hands, and shredding America’s reputation on the world stage.


His weakness emboldened America’s enemies and facilitated the rise of ISIS-K as Afghanistan became a haven for terrorists once again — all while Crooked Joe refuses accountability.



BIDEN LIE: "Don’t worry about China."


Biden allowed a Chinese spy balloon to surveil sensitive U.S. military sites and relay “data” back to the Chinese government — then lied about it (repeatedly).


It’s part of a pattern for Crooked Joe, who has cozied up to the Chinese Communist Party for decades. Biden watched as China secretly built military facilities in neighboring countriesfailed to address their human rights abuses, and twice committed U.S. forces to defend Taiwan in the event of an invasion before promptly walking the statements back.


Now, tensions with China are higher than ever.


BIDEN LIE: Iran knows "not to do anything."


Crooked Joe Biden’s policy of appeasement has enriched the Iranian regime with tens of billions of dollars — enabling hundreds of attacks by Iran-backed proxies on U.S. personnel in the Middle East and, ultimately, resulting in more deaths of U.S. service members.


Biden's weakness also empowered Iran and its allies — including Hamas — to launch the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel.


So much for Crooked Joe’s feckless warning of “don’t.”



BIDEN LIE: "I put together the Quad — which is India, Australia, the United States, and Japan."


This is a classic example of Crooked Joe Biden taking credit for something he didn’t do. The reality is President Trump re-established the Quad in 2017 — an historic agreement that was lauded as breakthrough foreign policy.


Just one of the many historic foreign policy achievements that set the world on a path towards unprecedented peace — until Crooked Joe Biden screwed it all up.


BIDEN LIE: "America is back."


Under President Trump, the world was safe because America was strong — and America was respected.


Then Crooked Joe Biden took office and embarked on a foreign policy of WEAKNESS that emboldened our enemies, empowered dictators, and endangered democracy around the world.


President Trump will restore stability and peace — and it will be peace through strength.


Crooked Joe Biden's record is indefensible — so all he can do is LIE, and that's exactly what he is going to do on Thursday night.