President Donald J. Trump Announces Over 250 Grassroots Leaders in South Carolina

June 29, 2023

Bedminster, NJ – Today, President Donald J. Trump announced his initial South Carolina Grassroots Leadership Team with over 250 Republican leaders in all 46 counties in the Palmetto State. This statewide support from local elected officials, dedicated activists, and community leaders reflects the unprecedented strength and organization of President Trump’s campaign in the critical “First in the South” primary state. 


“President Trump continues to demonstrate his commitment to grassroots Republicans in South Carolina,” said Austin McCubbin, President Trump’s South Carolina State Director. “President Trump’s decision to celebrate Independence Day in the historic community of Pickens this weekend shows that every county and every town in America is critical to the America First Movement, and today’s Leadership Team reflects that.” 


President Trump’s Grassroots Leadership Team expands upon early endorsements from Governor Henry McMaster, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, Lt. Governor Pamela Evette, Treasurer Curtis Loftis, and U.S. Representatives Joe Wilson, William Timmons and Russell Fry. 



President Trump’s South Carolina Grassroots Leadership Team: 


Abbeville County, Gertie Carroll 

Aiken County, Jeremy Curles 

Aiken County, Jason Goings, Aiken County Treasurer 

Aiken County, Jill Jett 

Aiken County, Michael Kellems, Aiken County Councilman 

Aiken County, Mary Pettigrew 

Allendale County, Diane Bosler 

Allendale County, Deniece Halford 

Anderson County, Kimberly Blackwell 

Anderson County, Cheryl Borowski 

Anderson County, Robert Borowski 

Anderson County, Lee Cole, Williamston Councilman 

Anderson County, Cheryl Cuthrell 

Anderson County, Kelly Decker 

Anderson County, John Emmons 

Anderson County, Christopher Gibson 

Anderson County, Dan Harvell 

Anderson County, Dianne Henderson 

Anderson County, Scott Hodges 

Anderson County, Sherry Hodges 

Anderson County, Madison Jordan 

Anderson County, Brett Jornod 

Anderson County, Marie Jornod 

Anderson County, Craig Martin 

Anderson County, Donna Martin 

Anderson County, Ovis Rhodes 

Anderson County, Jennifer Snow 

Anderson County, Robin Thompson 

Anderson County, Sarah Visser 

Bamberg County, Jerome Boyce 

Bamberg County, Scotty Sandifer 

Barnwell County, Margret Schrock 

Beaufort County, LuAnn Aquino 

Beaufort County, Michael Covert 

Beaufort County, Lori Eisler 

Beaufort County, Lynn Fontaine 

Beaufort County, Daniel Hanlon 

Beaufort County, Betty Heilig 

Beaufort County, Mary Jones 

Beaufort County, William Stanley 

Beaufort County, Melinda Tunner 

Beaufort County, Michael Tunner 

Beaufort County, Clifford Whitesell 

Beaufort County, Susan Wierzbicki 

Berkeley County, Heather Hickman 

Berkeley County, Nina McLaren 

Berkeley County, Miguel Munoz Acevedo 

Calhoun County, Tris Waystack 

Charleston County, Anne Badgley 

Charleston County, Maurice Washington 

Cherokee County, Addison Hamrick, DMD 

Cherokee County, Ryan Thomas, Cherokee County Auditor 

Chester County, Joe Gaston 

Chester County, Erin Mosley 

Chesterfield County, John Kirven 

Chesterfield County, Angel Tubbs 

Clarendon County, Kathy Mathis 

Colleton County, Cyndi Roberts 

Colleton County, Shane Roberts 

Darlington County, Christopher Andrews 

Darlington County, Jennifer Evans 

Darlington County, John Bootsie Griggs 

Darlington County, Logan Heath 

Darlington County, Brittany Henderson 

Darlington County, Hannah McCain 

Darlington County, Joshua McCain 

Darlington County, Daniel Watson, Darlington County Chief of Police (Ret.) 

Dillon County, Darrel Bracey 

Dorchester County, Katie Arrington 

Dorchester County, Kristi Kalberer 

Dorchester County, Stephanie McGovern 

Dorchester County, David Neal 

Dorchester County, Deborah Neal 

Dorchester County, Jacqueline O'Hara 

Dorchester County, Lynz Piper-Loomis 

Edgefield County, Jimmy Forrest 

Edgefield County, Tom Plowden 

Edgefield County, Sonny Yonce 

Fairfield County, Dana Hoffman 

Florence County, Bryan Braddock 

Florence County, Joe Lutz 

Georgetown County, Robin Holley 

Georgetown County, Joseph Orgeron 

Georgetown County, Teresa Unrue 

Greenville County, Tami Allen 

Greenville County, Jamie Barnes 

Greenville County, Judi Becker 

Greenville County, Joe Berry 

Greenville County, Brittany Buchanan 

Greenville County, Elisa Chaney 

Greenville County, Jeff Clemens 

Greenville County, Kelly Clemens 

Greenville County, Carice Conway 

Greenville County, Marlene Dowd 

Greenville County, Todd Draper 

Greenville County, Angie Fisher 

Greenville County, Angie Fisher 

Greenville County, Anthony Furino 

Greenville County, Donna Gottschall 

Greenville County, Deborah Gwinn 

Greenville County, Ana Helms 

Greenville County, Gavin Hyder 

Greenville County, Jane Kizer 

Greenville County, John Kuykendall 

Greenville County, Liz Liokumovich 

Greenville County, Saliann Mao 

Greenville County, Harriet Morrow 

Greenville County, Willette Norris 

Greenville County, Gregory Peck 

Greenville County, Susana Saravia 

Greenville County, Ann-Marie Schell 

Greenville County, Jon Scott 

Greenville County, Sharon Skinner 

Greenville County, Atir Sveska-Sharpe 

Greenville County, Eric Thomas 

Greenville County, Trevor Tiedeman 

Greenville County, Kelly Tzouvelekas 

Greenville County, Stan Tzouvelekas, Greenville County Councilman 

Greenville County, Richard Withrow 

Greenwood County, Jean Griffin 

Greenwood County, Marvin Griffin 

Hampton County, Jody Allen 

Hampton County, Maggie Knox 

Hampton County, Libby Priester 

Hampton County, Shannon Ward 

Horry County, Rhonda Ashworth 

Horry County, June Avinger 

Horry County, Don Bowne 

Horry County, Bonnie Lee Clore 

Horry County, Cathy Farish 

Horry County, Marcus Green 

Horry County, Eric Halford 

Horry County, Jennifer Hannigan 

Horry County, Bonnie Hanson 

Horry County, Judy Henion 

Horry County, Sheila Lancaster 

Horry County, Helen LaPietra 

Horry County, Kelly LaPietra Platt 

Horry County, Gerri McDaniel 

Horry County, Gloria Moyer 

Horry County, Greg Rodermond 

Horry County, Lisa Rodermond 

Horry County, Tiffany Rodermond 

Horry County, Barbie Scott 

Horry County, Bryan Stroud 

Horry County, Dean Sylvester 

Horry County, Tommy Trosper 

Horry County, Patricia Troutman 

Horry County, Paula Renee Tyler 

Jasper County, Tim Crosby 

Jasper County, Milan Dubravcic 

Jasper County, Michael Skinner 

Kershaw County, Aleisa McKim 

Kershaw County, Randy Roberts, Kershaw County Treasurer 

Lancaster County, Ben Snipes 

Laurens County, Kelli Carroll 

Laurens County, Steven Davis 

Laurens County, Morris Madden 

Laurens County, Bob McLean 

Laurens County, Jerome Parson 

Laurens County, Jerrilyn Parson 

Laurens County, Jim Yates 

Lee County, April Few 

Lexington County, Sandra Bryan 

Lexington County, Beth Carrigg, Lexington County Council Chairwoman 

Lexington County, Jake Knotts, Former State Senator 

Lexington County, Lauren Watson 

Marion County, Angela Coleman 

Marion County, Rodney Coleman 

Marion County, Tammy Stroud 

Marlboro County, Roy Barfield 

Marlboro County, Kevin Barrington 

Marlboro County, Mary Barrington 

Marlboro County, Jefferey Bowman 

Marlboro County, Renee Bowman 

Marlboro County, Robert Brock 

Marlboro County, Shirley Brock 

Marlboro County, Cliffer Calhoun 

Marlboro County, James Chappelear 

Marlboro County, Connie Floyd 

Marlboro County, Gaylon Floyd 

Marlboro County, Roy Floyd 

Marlboro County, Shannon Goff 

Marlboro County, Tammie Goff 

Marlboro County, Charles Hood 

Marlboro County, Teresa Hood 

Marlboro County, Tim LaBean 

Marlboro County, David Locklear 

Marlboro County, Mary Lyntch 

Marlboro County, Rachel McDonald 

Marlboro County, Theresa Odom 

Marlboro County, Verd Odom 

Marlboro County, Tommy Parker 

Marlboro County, Adam Pate 

Marlboro County, Donald Powers 

Marlboro County, Gloria Powers 

Marlboro County, Linda Roller 

Marlboro County, Barbara Shelley 

Marlboro County, Carol Shelley 

Marlboro County, Mark Shelley 

Marlboro County, William B. Shelley 

Marlboro County, James White 

McCormick County, Barbara McGuigan 

Newberry County, Travis Grimsley 

Oconee County, Erica Kuhns 

Oconee County, Laurie Santamaria 

Oconee County, Justin West 

Orangeburg County, James Gormley 

Pickens County, Lucas Anthony  

Pickens County, Rhonda Billingsley 

Pickens County, Lauren Boyd 

Pickens County, LuAnn Brannigan 

Pickens County, Barry Crawford 

Pickens County, Philip Healy 

Pickens County, Darlene Hughey 

Pickens County, Carol Johnson 

Pickens County, Kevin Keller 

Pickens County, Polly Keller 

Pickens County, Deanna Kristofic 

Pickens County, Heather Mitchell 

Pickens County, JeAnais Mitchell 

Pickens County, Sharon Nelson 

Pickens County, Johnnelle Raines 

Pickens County, Tina Smith-Sutherland 

Pickens County, Elaine Stanley 

Pickens County, Brienna Tofts 

Pickens County, Roman Visser 

Pickens County, Lily Wan 

Richland County, Dana Kahaly 

Saluda County, Daniel Goldston 

Saluda County, Angie Saxon 

Spartanburg County, Aristides Brito 

Spartanburg County, Rob Chumley 

Spartanburg County, Bonnie Davis 

Spartanburg County, Michael Finch 

Spartanburg County, Mary Catherine Landers 

Spartanburg County, Jimmy Patterson 

Spartanburg County, Jill Ramseur 

Spartanburg County, Mark Simpson 

Spartanburg County, Chuck Wright, Spartanburg County Sheriff 

Spartanburg County, Donna Yacenda 

Sumter County, Tanya Eddins 

Union County, Ken Branham 

Union County, Jacob Gault 

Union County, Stacy McAbee 

Union County, Thom McAbee 

Union County, Annie Smith, Union County Councilwoman 

Williamsburg County, Ondra Hanna 

Williamsburg County, Ida Martin 

York County, Annie Dempsey 

York County, Danielle Graham 

York County, Robert Graham