KISS OF DEATH: Broke Nikki Goes Searching for Democrat Dollars

February 05, 2024

"Nikki Haley and her campaign has hit some hard times so she’s searching for anyone who can fund her pipedream—even if it means begging Democrats to buoy her candidacy.
Her entire political existence hinges on Democrats giving her money and invading Republican elections. When their scheme was exposed, Haley trotted out her campaign manager on a press call to do damage control to explain why they are now beholden to Liberal superdonors Reid Hoffman and Matt Cohler.
It’s clear to see that Haley’s campaign is just one giant grift to either build her name ID for life after politics or to audition for a cable news contributor contract with the Fake News. By the time the Nevada caucus happens on Thursday, she will be a three-time loser walking a lonely path to her sweet state of South Carolina where the people she represented will reject her."

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


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