MEMO: Joe Biden Has Many Problems. He is Weak, Failed, and Dishonest.

April 25, 2024

TO: Interested Parties


FROM: Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, Donald J. Trump for President 2024


DATE: April 25, 2024


RE: Joe Biden Has Many Problems. He is Weak, Failed, and Dishonest.


Joe Biden has a problem.


Well, he actually has several.  Let’s break them down because they serve as a good reminder of where this race for the Presidency really is — and where it’s likely to go.


Joe Biden has a base problem.  No matter how hard the White House and its communications department, the Mainstream Media, try to make it seem otherwise.


A Reuters/Ipsos poll found 1 in 4 Democrats don't plan to vote for the incumbent president.


To state it simply, Democrats are not coming home as quickly or as fully as Joe Biden needs them to.


Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is gaining support within Black and Hispanic communities.  A New York Times/Siena College poll recently showed support for Biden had dropped 18 points with Black voters and 15 points with Latinos.  When asked who is better for the U.S. economy, Latinos prefer Trump (42%) over Biden (20%), according to a new Axios/Ipsos survey.


President Trump is picking up support with younger voters at a level not seen before by a Republican.  The latest Marist College poll showed President Trump 2 points ahead among Millennial and Gen-Z voters.  The Times/Siena poll shows support for Biden had dropped 14 points with younger voters nationally.


The latest national NBC News poll shows Biden and President Trump are essentially tied among independents and voters ages 18-34.


This remarkable phenomenon is such a worry to the Biden campaign that they are spending millions on paid TV to shore up traditional Democrat constituencies in the battleground states.  We don’t hate it in the Trump campaign.  Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 35 percent in the new Quinnipiac survey.  Watching Joe Biden spend millions to stay just above the water line is proof of their situation.  And it’s crazy at this stage of the race.


Here are three examples:

JoJo Burgess

Get Ahead

Una Opción


Clearly, the $30 million that Biden spent in March made no impact.  President Trump maintains a 6-point lead across seven battleground states in the latest Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll.  President Trump is beating Biden in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and dominating Biden in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina by even larger margins.  A Fox News survey shows Trump with a 3-point lead in Michigan.


There is lots of dissension in the White House.  There is dissension on the issue of Biden’s handling of the situation in Israel — where the majority of Americans support Israel’s right to self-defense.  There are radical staffers who are pushing pro-Hamas positions and regularly engaging with those pushing anti-Semitic messaging in the United States and elsewhere around the world.


There is dissension within the White House on the issue of the border — where for weeks, the Administration has been floating an “Executive Action” related to the invasion at our southern border.  Yet, the pro-open borders crowd within the White House continually kicks the can down the road.  So far, they are winning.


Gas prices are rising:  The national average has reached $3.75 a gallon, the highest since October, and there is no indication that prices will drop.  Early Biden decisions have made it nearly impossible to keep gas prices from going up as Memorial Day and summer approach.


Inflation is out of control:  According to Bank of America, the consumer price index is on track to hit 4.8% by November, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell has indicated no rate cuts are on the horizon.  This means the cost of food and energy will continue to rise, straining the budgets of working middle-class Americans.  A Blueprint survey shows two-thirds of voters are concerned Biden will “allow interest rates to stay high.”  Americans are clearly not fooled by Biden’s lie that inflation was “temporary” back in 2021. 


The War in the Middle East is expanding, with Iran now directly involved and mixed signals and weakness over and over from the Biden Administration.


American troops are stranded in Niger because the Administration has failed to control Russian expansionism in Africa.


The War in Ukraine is raging into a third year with no end in sight.


China is becoming more aggressive in rhetoric and military behavior across Asia, according to the head of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.


College campuses across America are erupting with anti-Semitic protests — where trust-funded Ivy League students threaten Jewish students and chant anti-American and pro-terrorist slogans.  The Biden campaign seems more willing to appease than lead.


The Biden Administration is proposing that millions of working middle-class taxpayers pay the college tuition of an entitled few majoring in ridiculous and impractical fields of study.


Just this week, working Americans were thrilled to learn that the Trump tax cuts will not be renewed if Joe Biden is reelected, thus almost guaranteeing less money in their pockets.  You cannot make this up!


With 1.6% GDP, far short of the 2.5% forecast, coupled with rising inflation — stagflation is a real possibility — no amount of deflection will change the fact that those suffering the most — middle class working Americans are looking for a new direction and believe that only President Donald Trump can fix the current economic crisis.


The weakness displayed daily by Joe Biden is solidifying voter perceptions about his inability to handle a crisis, demonstrate competency, and reduce inflation.  These are key indicators that drive almost every election – and Biden has shown no ability to correct the course.  NBC News' latest poll shows voters trust President Trump over Joe Biden to fix these significant challenges.  New polling from Echelon Insights found 65 percent of swing voters described the Biden Administration as a failure, including a majority of Hispanic men, young voters (18-35), and married women. 


The American public sees the manifestation of Joe Biden’s weakness and his failure every day when they watch as Donald Trump is unconstitutionally gagged by a Judge who is a Biden-Harris donor and stuck in a New York kangaroo court while an elected Democrat District Attorney prosecutes a political witch hunt and case of election interference.  Rasmussen found that half of voters say it’s not likely Trump can get a fair trial in New York City.


Will Joe Biden Debate?  That’s an issue that isn’t going away.  Donald Trump makes it clear whenever he is on stage that he will debate Joe Biden anytime, anywhere, and anyplace.  The Commission on Presidential Debates felt no need to respond to our campaign when we asked that they schedule earlier and additional debates so Americans can compare the two leading candidates for President.  Odd, don’t you think?  Maybe Biden is too afraid to be asked about the Biden Crime Family business.  After all, he did lie to voters during the final 2020 presidential debate when he said nobody in his family ever made money from China.


Another problem not going away?  Kamala Harris.


And last but not least — Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is getting worse.  A person does not need a medical degree to see it, and he is one fall away from political disaster.


So when the Biden hacks start calling around selling process stories, personal attacks, and other lies — or abortion — (it’s all they “have”), remember, Joe Biden has more than one problem he needs to address.