Memo from Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles

January 29, 2024

TO: Interested Parties


FROM: Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, Donald J. Trump for President 2024


President Trump continued his dominance of the GOP with another historic win – this time in New Hampshire.


In what was supposed to be Nikki Haley’s “best shot” in what was considered a “must-win” for her campaign, Donald Trump received more votes than any candidate for President has ever received in a New Hampshire Presidential Primary despite the record push to turn out behavioral Democrats who had an opportunity to support one of their own, Nikki Haley.


On February 8th, Nikki Haley will be handed her third straight loss – in Nevada. She inexplicably signed up to be included on the state Primary ballot despite the fact that she could not earn delegates in the Primary. President Trump will be the only significant candidate on the caucus ballot, allowing him to win the state’s delegates. We wonder what the Haley campaign was thinking!


The next contest is South Carolina, where President Trump is 19-27 points up, depending on which poll you want to believe. This is not what Nikki was hoping for as she goes home to the Palmetto State. This humiliation at home – the fourth straight trouncing she will have received – occurs in a place where she served in elected office for twelve years. We wonder if the Fake News will still be talking about the “Haley surge” that never materialized in a meaningful way. If losing four times in a row is a momentum builder, now might be the best time to buy plots of land on Mars.


South Carolina is different than New Hampshire and, as such, poses serious questions about the viability of the Haley campaign.


First, there is no tradition of cross-over voting in South Carolina, and Democrats have their Primary on February 3rd as part of the reshaped map and timing schedule for national Democrats. Anyone who votes in the February 3rd Democrat primary cannot vote in the GOP primary on February 24th, so Nikki’s losing strategy of counting on Democrats to pollute the Primary won’t work.


The Koch-backed Super PAC, Americans for No Prosperity, is working for Nikki in the early and Super Tuesday states and has spent millions of dollars on TV, in the mail, and on the ground for weeks. The result? More bad polling and a recent admission made by their two top staffers that “this is still an uphill battle, now all eyes turn to South Carolina, where she has a steeper road ahead.” Steeper road? How about a rocky road straight up a mountain lined by legions of MAGA supporters?


Nikki is losing to Donald Trump by every metric used to measure political viability.


In Iowa, the weather was breathtakingly cold, and the pundits said repeatedly the weather would hurt President Trump’s ability to turn out first-time caucus-goers. IT DID NOT.


In New Hampshire, the Haley campaign and its dopey chief surrogate, Governor Chris Sununu, said she could pull off an upset because of the state’s long tradition of allowing unaffiliated voters and Democrats to vote in the GOP Primary. IT DIDN’T WORK.


What’s the prediction slogan for South Carolina? THERE ISN’T ONE.


In South Carolina, our campaign will focus on educating voters that she is no different than Joe Biden, Democrats, RINOs, and the looney left who fund her. And the real payoff for the Democrats is that AFP, Nikki Haley, and her team are directly aiding and abetting Joe Biden by staying in the race – when even a 10-year-old knows there’s not a path to winning.


No sooner had the polls closed in New Hampshire, the national fake news started churning out stories about how “poorly” President Trump fared with independents, and that meant he “couldn’t win” – despite a volume of available data showing President Trump winning in the all-important swing states and winning in the national election. Just as recently as yesterday on Meet the Fake Press, Haley doubled down on her delusion that President Trump can’t beat Joe Biden. Hey Nikki – take a gander:




DJT +4




DJT +8




DJT +8



Detroit News

DJT +8




DJT +2




DJT +4




DJT +6


…And then there is the most recent Real Clear Politics average in the general election matchup:






Trump +4.3


So, we remain bemused at the hype around the former South Carolina governor.


Anyone paying attention to the delegate count would also know the following:


When you apply Nikki’s New Hampshire percentage, which will arguably be her best showing (43.2% – and is way more generous than reality) to the other GOP contests where she managed to be on the ballot post-Super Tuesday, President Trump will have amassed 86.9% of the available delegates, and Nikki will earn 12.1%.


Lights out, if we do say so ourselves.