President Donald J. Trump Grows Iowa’s Farmers for Trump Coalition

August 29, 2023

Bedminster, NJ – Today, President Donald J. Trump added over 100 members to the Farmers for Trump Coalition announced last month in Iowa. Demonstrating the overwhelming support for President Trump in the Hawkeye State, these farmers and agriculture leaders serve as the bedrock of many of Iowa’s rural communities and will help propel President Trump to a decisive Iowa Caucus win on January 15.  


“I am thrilled to be joined by thousands of Iowans who know that President Donald Trump is the only candidate who will reverse the disastrous policies of the Biden Administration, fight for America’s agriculture community, and once again put our nation’s farmers first,” stated Representative Derek Wulf, a farmer and Vice Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. “President Trump protected Iowa’s critical ethanol industry, opened international markets for our agriculture products, stopped China from taking advantage of our farming communities, and battled federal bureaucrats seeking to restrict the rights of landowners.” 


With less than 5 months until the Iowa Caucuses, President Trump is dominating the Republican primary race. The Des Moines Register’s poll released last week shows President Trump with a commanding 23-point lead in the First-in-the-Nation Iowa contest. 


Iowa Farmers for Trump Leadership 

Representative Mike Sexton, Farmer and Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, Story County 

Representative Bobby Kaufmann, Farmer and Chairman of House Appropriations Committee, Cedar County 

Representative Derek Wulf, Farmer and Vice Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, Cedar County 

Representative Heather Hora, Farmer and member of the House Agriculture Committee, Washington County 

The Hon. David Kerr, Farmer and former Iowa Representative 

Jeremy Davis, former senior official at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Story County 


Iowa Farmers for Trump 


Shawn Adam, Wapello County 

Ray Arp, Muscatine County 

Laura Ausdemore, Harrison County 

Dennis Ausdemore, Harrison County 

Becky Bartenhagen, Muscatine County 

Carl Beatty, Muscatine County 

Keith Bentley, Pottawattamie County 

Andy Bernhard, Kossuth County 

Gary Birkley, Calhoun County 

Mike Bixler, Cedar County 

Trent Blair, Calhoun County 

Myron Brenner, Emmet County 

Nancy Brenner, Emmet County 

Darin Burco, Buchanan County 

Jordyn Burco, Buchanan County 

Colin Corey, Calhoun County 

Lawrence Dainels, Iowa County 

Evan Deal, Kossuth County 

Rich Deal, Kossuth County 

Ed DeNeve, Iowa County 

Jared Denny, Clinton County 

Donald DeRycke, Iowa County 

Randall Eichelberger, Muscatine County 

Holly Eichmann, Kossuth County 

Jim Fairchild, Keokuk County 

Russell Fischels, Keokuk County 

Dennis Goodell, Pocahontas County 

Mike Gooder, Howard County 

Rachel Gooder, Howard County 

John Guinan, Carroll County 

Pam Hartwig, Cedar County 

Kevin Hartwig, Cedar County 

Austin Hayek, Webster County 

Gary Hilby, Delaware County 

Linda Hilby, Delaware County 

Jesse Hilby, Delaware County 

Kurt Hora, Washington County 

Matt Hormann, Cedar County 

Dave Howrey, Calhoun County 

Judy Howrey, Calhoun County 

Doug Jacobs, Jones County 

Harold Joseph, Iowa County 

Karen Joseph, Iowa County 

Steve Kaufmann, Cedar County 

Dave Kerr, Pottawattamie County 

Brody Koehn, Keokuk County 

Patty Lally, Crawford County 

Jan Larson, Iowa County 

Don Larson, Iowa County 

Matt Lautner, Dallas County 

Dave Lemke, Guthrie County 

Justin Lichtey, Black Hawk County 

Dustin Marolf, Cedar County 

Chuck McCullough, Wayne County 

Steve Mohr, Calhoun County 

Jean Mohr, Calhoun County 

Bradley Moretz, Worth County 

Adam Morgan, Cedar County 

Mary Lee Neff, Muscatine County 

Franz Neff, Muscatine County 

Jacqueline Nelson, Pottawattamie County 

Bill Norton, Cedar County 

John Pearson, Floyd County 

Thomas Pecinovsky, Howard County 

Bret Pellett, Cass County 

Jay Peterson, Fayette County 

Russell Peterson, Clinton County 

Bob Pitt, Pottawattamie County 

Kevin Poen, Calhoun County 

Lynn Poen, Calhoun County 

Geri Pribyl, Crawford County 

Bert Refsell, Emmet County 

Kitty Rehberg, Buchanan County 

Frank Rehberg, Buchanan County 

Dan Rewoldt, Buchanan County 

Paula Robinson, Delaware County 

Tom Robinson, Linn County 

Laura Robinson, Linn County 

Ryan Rogis, Clinton County 

Ty Rosburg, Crawford County 

Joel Sailer, Crawford County 

Owen Sandbulte, Sioux County 

Brent Schroeder, Greene County 

Michael Swager, Jackson County 

Murray Shedeck, Clinton County 

Brent Smith, Clinton County 

Scott Smith, Clinton County 

Kirby Soukup, Palo Alto County 

Richard Taylor, Appanoose County 

Kim Timmerman, Cedar County 

Kerri Timmerman, Cedar County 

Quintin Towe, Benton County 

Kaiyla Wacha, Tama County 

Nancy Weaver, Poweshiek County 

David Weaver, Poweshiek County 

Chris Weber, Buchanan County 

Kate West, Linn County 

Jim West, Linn County 

Todd Williams, Pottawattamie County 

Taten Williams, Pottawattamie County 

Nadine Wright, Crawford County 

Derek Young, Emmet County