FACT CHECK: Biden Promised A Border Crisis — And That’s Exactly What We Got

June 27, 2024

Biden took unprecedented action to dismantle President Trump’s successful border security policies — and imported millions of illegal aliens into our communities



  • Biden implemented a catch-and-release scheme via the CBP One app that has allowed millions of unvetted illegal immigrants to be resettled in U.S. communities with zero oversight.



In 2020, Biden told us exactly what would happen when he called for ending the detention of illegals “across the board,” called for decriminalizing illegal border crossing, called for mass amnesty for millions of illegals in the country, opposed cracking down on sanctuary cities, criticized immigration enforcement raids, and promised to expand the number of “refugees” welcomed into the country.


Crooked Joe Biden has made good on that promise — and would take it ten steps further in a second term.