KISS OF DEATH: DeSantis Bad for Ethanol; Campaign Just Plain Bad

November 03, 2023

"As Ron DeSanctimonious takes his flailing campaign to Iowa today, his dreadful record on ethanol makes him unelectable in the First-in-the Nation state. Coupled with the devastating DMR/NBC News poll that shows him tied with Nikki ‘Birdbrain’ Haley in distant second place, it’s clear to everyone the more DeSanctus meets with Iowans, the more they dislike him.
Instead of trying to reverse his downfall, his campaign team spent all day (likely sitting around in a circle) concocting a half-brained idea to sell golf balls on their website. If the DeSanctus campaign wants to spend their time talking about their candidate’s balls then they really are stupid as we thought.
Jason Miller put it best by saying: 'Rob DeSanctimonious has been completely emasculated for wearing high-heeled man-booties and is now a political eunuch. He’s the last person who should be talking about balls.'
They fell for the trap and played right into our hands. Now that they’re in the mud, there’s no way to get out. Congrats, you just played yourself. 
We’ll make sure this will be reflected in all the post-mortems that outlets are already working on about the death of the DeSanctus campaign."

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson



There's nothing funnier than watching Ron DeSanctus act like a tough guy while wearing his 5-inch lifts. His genius advisors are clearly too dull to realize that their candidate biting at every baited hook is what delivered 8% support nationally.


DeSanctus is out of money and has tanked in virtually every poll for months. When will they call it quits? When they are surpassed by Ada Hutchinson? 


While DeSanctimonious commits political suicide in front of the entire country, Floridians are in need of help. In a Fox News interview earlier today, Ron was confronted for abandoning his constituents amid a statewide insurance crisis. Ron has completely beclowned himself, and he's past the point of no return.


Even his own surrogates are cringing at his latest brilliant idea to sell boxed balls.


Though, it's not Ron's goofy footwear or the balls in a box that are destroying his campaign, it's his support for destroying Iowa ethanol, butchering Social Security and Medicare, and supporting a 23% national sales tax hike.


Give it a rest, Ron. It will all be over soon.


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