Trump Campaign, RNC Launches “Gun Owners for Trump” Coalition

May 18, 2024

Today, President Donald J. Trump and the Republican National Committee announces “Gun Owners for Trump”, a coalition led by over 50 Olympic athletes, firearm industry leaders, and public advocates who stand up for the Second Amendment.  The “Gun Owners for Trump” Coalition will push back against Biden and the gun-grabbing Democrats’ attempts to erode the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.
“Gun Owners for Trump” is a diverse coalition that represents the broad spectrum of gun owners in America.  Unfortunately, no American is safe from the violent Migrant Crime Wave that Joe Biden has unleashed on our country.  As the radical Democrats continue to sell-out the police and let our communities be overrun by violent criminals - including criminal illegals - now more than ever Americans must have their right to defend themselves protected. 
President Trump believes that every American has a God-given right to protect themselves and their family and has proven through his actions that he will defend law-abiding gun owners. Gun owners across the country are working to deliver President Trump a second term, secure a Senate majority, and defend the Republican House majority. President Trump and his Republican allies in the House and Senate will put a stop to the left’s constant attacks on Americans’ Constitutional Rights.
Gun owners were much safer during the Trump administration. President Trump rolled back Obama-era rules, threatened vetoes of new restrictions and appointed judges that respect the Second Amendment. 
“Every single Biden attack on gun owners and manufacturers will be terminated on my very first week back in office.” - President Donald J. Trump 
"Joe Biden’s failed crime policies put every American in danger, which is why protecting our Second Amendment right is more important than ever. President Trump will always stand with gun owners, unlike weak Joe Biden.” - Former Secretary of Interior David Bernheardt 
To join Gun Owners for Trump and get involved, please visit
President Trump’s Gun Owners for Trump Endorsees: 
Allison Adams, Women for Gun Rights State Director (TX), 
Frank Addington Jr., Professional Exhibition Shooter (TX),  
Omar Avila, Black Rifle Coffee Company (TX),  
Bill Bachenberg, Leigh Valley Sporting Clays (PA), 
Bob Barr, NRA First VP (GA), 
Pete Barrett, Founder of Barrett Firearms Manufacturing (TN), 
David Bernhardt, Former U.S. Secretary of Interior (VA), 
Tibaut Bowman, Texas Businessman and Lawyer (TX), 
Ashley Britt, Women for Gun Rights State Director (TN), 
Elliott Burnside, Businessman and Owner (FL), 
Sean Caranna, Florida Carry (FL), 
Betty Cardenas, NRA Outreach Committee Executive Director (TX), 
Staci Claunch, Women for Gun Rights Member (AR), 
Charles Cotton, NRA President (TX), 
David Coy, NRA Second VP (MI), 
Raelle Cunningham, Women for Gun Rights State Director (UT), 
Taren Darr, Women for Gun Rights Member (OR), 
Chris DeWitt, Former NRA (NC), 
Rick Ector, Rick’s Firearm Academy (MI), 
Gabby Franco, Former Olympic Shooter (VA), 
Tara Fritz, Women for Gun Rights State Director (MS), 
Mark Geist, Benghazi Hero (CO), 
Dan Genter, CEO & Chief Investment Officer of RNC Genter Capital Management (CA), 
Katherine Giddins, Women for Gun Rights State Director (NH), 
Matt Gomez, National Executive Director for the RNHA, Texas Chairman of the RNHA Texas (TX), 
Alan Gottlieb, 2nd Amendment Foundation (WA), 
Heather Hagg, Women for Gun Rights State Director (ND), 
Patricia Harrold, Women for Gun Rights State Director (NE), 
Maria Heil, NRA Board Member (PA), 
Curt Herbert Jr., Former FERC Chairman (MS),  
Sandy Hickerson, Assistant State Director Women for Gun Rights New Jersey (NJ), 
Tommy Hicks, Former Co-Chairman of the RNC (TX), 
Charles Hiltunen, NRA Board Member (IN), 
Lucretia Hughes, NRA Nominating Committee and NRA Outreach Committee Georgia (GA), 
Theresa Inacker, Women for Gun Rights State Director (NJ), 
Greer Johnson, Trustee of NRA Foundation and NRA Public Affairs Committee (GA), 
Bernard Kerik, Former NYPD Commissioner (NY), 
Randy Kozuch, NRA-ILA Executive Director (VA), 
Becky Lou Lacock, Louisiana State Director DC Project, Women for Gun Rights (LA), 
Mark McCloskey, Self Defense Advocate (MO), 
Patricia McCloskey, Self Defense Advocate (MO), 
Vallee McColley, Women for Gun Rights State Director (AR), 
Victor Mellor, The Hollow 2A (FL), 
Barb Miller, Women for Gun Rights State Director (CO), 
Karla Mooney, Women for Gun Rights State Director (MD), 
Katina Morris, Firearms and Personal Safety Instructor (ID), 
Dianna Muller, Women for Gun Rights DC Project (OK), 
April Nicol, Women for Gun Rights State Director (NM), 
Janet Nyce, NRA Board Member (PA), 
Paige Roux, National Firearms Instructor @SomeChickWhoShoots (AZ), 
Catherine Schultz, Women for Gun Rights Assistant State Director (VA), 
Kimberly Southwell, Women for Gun Rights State Director (CA),  
Amanda Suffecool, NRA Board Member (OH), 
Beth Walker, Competitive Shooter (IN), 
Linda Walker, NRA Board Member (OH), 
Mark Walters, Host of Armed American Radio (GA), 
Shirley Watral, Women for Gun Rights State Director (FL), 
Donna Wilson, Women for Gun Rights State Director (NC), 
Patricia Wisehart, Women for Gun Rights State Director (OK), 
Candy Yow, Women for Gun Rights State Director (OR),