MEMO: Ron DeeSanctimonious Has 30 Days Left

September 24, 2023

TO: National Press Corps, Beltway and Tallahassee Insiders, Globalist Donors, Karl Rove, and Dasha Burns


FROM: Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita, Donald J. Trump for President 2024


DATE: September 24, 2023


RE: Ron DeeSanctimonious Has 30 Days Left


In August, amidst sagging poll numbers and a half-dozen reboots, Ron DeeSanctimonious’ top political strategist (and Always Back Down SuperPAC vacuum cleaner), Jeff Roe, gave the ultimate “Kiss of Death” to an assembled group of DeeSanctus supporters, saying “we’ve got to beat [President Trump] in the next 60 days.”


With 30 days left to go, things haven’t gotten any better for Ron DeeSanctimonious, and in fact he’s fallen further behind President Trump. With nothing but icebergs on the horizon for Ron DeeSanctus, he might be entering his political “Green Mile.”


Let’s start by looking at the national polling from August compared to recent polling:


Emerson (8/25-26 vs. 9/17-18)


Trump:            50% —> 59% (+38 —> +47)

DeSantis:        12% —> 12%


Yahoo/YouGov (8/17-21 vs. 9/14-18)


Trump:            52% —> 59% (+40 —> +46)

DeSantis:        12% —> 13%


Morning Consult (8/18-20 vs. 9/15-17)


Trump:            58% —> 59% (+44 —> +46)

DeSantis:        14% —> 13%


HarrisX (8/17-21 vs. 9/6-11)


Trump:             52% —> 59% (+40 —> +48)

DeSantis:         12% —> 11%


With Ron falling further and further behind nationally, what about DeeSanctimonious’ standing in Iowa? Yes, his campaign told Politico that they “don’t think there’s a single state we have to win,” but surely, with the apparent support of Bob Vander Plaat$, DeeSanctus must be doing better in Iowa polling at least, no?


Well, no.


Before Roe’s August “Kiss of Death,” President Trump led DeeSanctimonious in Iowa by double-digits, a lead that has only grown.


Iowa Pre-Kiss of Death Polling:


Des Moines Register (8/13-17)


Trump:             42% (+23)

DeSantis:         19%


Echelon (8/15-17)


Trump:             33% (+16)

DeSantis:         17%


Iowa Recent Polling:


Trafalgar (9/14-18)


Trump:             49% (+33)

DeSantis:         16%


Fox News (9/14-18)


Trump:             46% (+31)

DeSantis:         15%


OK – things are clearly getting worse for DeeSanctus in Iowa. Could DeeSanctimonious be doing any better in New Hampshire polling, perhaps?


Again, no.


New Hampshire Pre-Kiss of Death Polling:


Echelon (8/15-17)


Trump:            34% (+25)

DeSantis:           9%


New Hampshire Recent Polling:


Insider Polling (9/20)


Trump:            42% (+34)

DeSantis:           8%


UNH (9/14-18)


Trump:            39% (+29)

DeSantis:         10% - FIFTH PLACE!


Yes, you read that correctly. Ron DeeSanctus is now in FIFTH PLACE in New Hampshire.


But, but, but – there’s a debate at the Reagan Library in California this Wednesday. Could Ron DeeSanctimonious count on a stellar performance to reverse his slide?


Based on his horrific performance at the first debate in Milwaukee, this is unlikely.


DeeSanctus failed to follow Jeff Roe’s debate memo advice in August, looking awkward, wooden, and all-around uncomfortable as other candidates ran circles around him. Anyone who watched DeeSanctimonious struggle in previous debates (remember “Be Likable” and “Show Emotion”?) knew this was perhaps DeeSanctus’ greatest weakness, but few thought he would have completely failed to show up.


The headlines from Milwaukee?


“Ron DeSantis needed to be someone else at the Republican debate. Sadly, he was himself” — USA Today


“Ron DeSantis’ Smile During Republican Debate Sparks Wave of Jokes, Memes” — Newsweek


"Ron DeSantis’ ‘meh’ debate performance will only fuel Republicans’ push for Trump” — Miami Herald


“DeSantis fails to stand out at GOP debate, analysts and critics say” — Orlando Sentinel


“Ron DeSantis Blew His Big Chance” — Newsweek


“Republican debate takeaways: Trump absent, DeSantis didn’t stand out” — Los Angeles Times


“DeSantis’ dream of a two-horse race on hold as others shine at Republican debate” —  Reuters


“Ramaswamy tops DeSantis as best performer in first Republican debate: poll” — New York Post


“Making Sense of Ron DeSantis’s Debate Performance” — The New York Times


“GOP Donors Weren’t Impressed With DeSantis’ Debate: ‘He Was There’” — Rolling Stone



With the second GOP debate approaching this Wednesday at the Reagan Library in California, literally nobody thinks DeeSanctimonious can count on an impressive performance to reverse his slide. You can’t coach personality!


Ron DeeSanctus has 30 days left to beat President Trump, according to his own top political strategist, and right now everything is going wrong for DeeSanctimonious.


Tick-tock, Ron, it will all be over soon!