Ron DeSantis’ Social Security & Medicare Record

January 10, 2024

“[P]eople are finding out that (Ron DeSantis) wanted to CUT SOCIAL SECURITY & RAISE THE MINIMUM AGE TO AT LEAST 70, at least 4 times. LIKEWISE WITH MEDICARE, WANTED BIG CUTS. HE IS A WHEELCHAIR OVER THE CLIFF KIND OF GUY, JUST LIKE HIS HERO, failed politician Paul Ryan…” – President Donald J. Trump, 2/28/23


DeSantis Will Not Protect Medicare And Social Security For America’s Seniors


DeSantis has voted not to protect Medicare and Social Security for seniors.


As a congressman, DeSantis voted to raise the eligibility age to 70 to receive full Social Security benefits—in 2013, in 2014, and in 2015.


Before DeSantis was even elected to Congress, he said it was “necessary to make reforms” to Social Security.


On DeSantis’ first day in Congress, he called “to restructure some of these entitlements,” such as Social Security.


In Congress, DeSantis voted twice to cut Medicare benefits in 2015 and 2017.


A disciple of Paul Ryan, DeSantis said in one interview, “I would embrace proposals like Paul Ryan offered, and other people have offered, that are going to provide some market forces in there, more consumer choice, and make it so that it’s not just basically a system that’s just going to be bankrupt when you have new people coming into it.”


WATCH: Ron DeSantis Calls To Restructure Social Security and Medicare


President Trump Protected Medicare Beneficiaries By Removing Social Security Numbers From All Medicare Cards, A Project Completed Ahead Of Schedule


President Trump unleashed unprecedented transparency in Medicare and Medicaid data to spur research and innovation. 


President Trump added 2,100 new Medicare Advantage plan options since 2017, a 76 percent increase. 


President Trump lowered Medicare Advantage premiums by 34 percent nationwide to the lowest level in 14 years. 


President Trump announced more flexibility to Medicare Advantage and Part D plans to waive cost sharing for tests. 


President Trump increased surveillance, oversight, and transparency of all 15,417 Medicare and Medicaid nursing homes by requiring them to report cases of COVID-19 to all residents, their families, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 


President Trump delivered $81 million for increased inspections and funded 35,000 members of the Nation Guard to deliver critical supplies to every Medicare certified nursing homes. 


President Trump Will Work To Prevent Republicans From Cutting A Single Penny From Medicare Or Social Security


While we must stop Biden's out-of-control spending, bureaucrats in Washington should feel the pain, not hard-working Americans.


President Trump will cut the billions in taxpayer dollars going to corrupt foreign countries. 


President Trump will cut the mass releases of illegal aliens that deplete our social safety net. Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers an estimated $140B annually. 


President Trump will cut the left-wing gender programs in our military. 


President Trump will cut the billions spent on climate extremism and all other forms of waste and fraud. 


The $1.7T Omnibus package earmarked $15.3B to tackle the "climate crisis" and an additional $15B across 7,200 pet projects.