Palm Beach Playbook - June 5, 2024

July 05, 2024

July 5, 2024

BUMBLING BIDEN STRIKES AGAIN To borrow the words of Jen Psaki when she was actually being honest about her impressions of Joe Biden, it’s impossible to watch him these days and not think “what on earth is happening right now?”

Biden’s events over the Fourth of July proved no exception.

Perpetually confused, continually stumbling, and unfit to do the job as president … That’s Joe Biden. Shame on all those Democrats who continue to excuse the decline happening in front of our eyes. They’ve shown they put political self-interest first ahead of our country – no matter the costs.

TRUMP MOMENTUM – “Trump Widens Lead After Biden’s Debate Debacle” read The New York Times headline, and the headline was right (a welcome change from The New York Times)!

In fact, a series of polls show President Trump with a commanding lead over Joe Biden and any Democrat that may take his place. The Democrats are even in a place where they are bragging about polls showing them losing. As we mentioned earlier this week, President Trump is playing offense all over the electoral map. This isn’t just about Crooked Joe Biden. The Democrats have failed our country, and in November, Americans will hold them responsible at the ballot box.

“IT’S JUST MY BRAIN” Biden admitted (again) that he’s not up for the job of president. According to a report from The New York Times, “President Biden told a gathering of Democratic governors that he needs to get more sleep and work fewer hours, including curtailing events after 8 p.m.”


So in case you are keeping track, Biden told donors he needs more than 12 days to recover from a foreign trip (including two at the beach), he routinely takes afternoon naps, and now he concedes he needs to be out of public view by 8pm. And this comes after aids admitted he can’t be trusted outside the hours of 10am and 4pm.

It’s just my brain,” responded Biden to a question about his health. If that was a joke, no one is laughing. This scandal gets worse by the minute. Reminder: The Biden White House – and every Democrat who has repeated their propaganda – has no real excuse to explain away Biden’s decline because the truth is that he is unfit for office.

HONORING OUR HEROES – President Trump spent the Fourth of July speaking with veterans from Wisconsin and Florida. Check out the pictures here. God bless America and God bless our nation’s heroes!

“NO WAY TO RUN A COUNTRY” – In case you missed it, you need to see this magazine cover. The Economist (of all publications) didn’t hold back on Joe Biden.

“ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE!” – President Trump has a challenge for Joe Biden!

“TELEPROMPTER JOE” – Biden’s own aids don’t even trust him. That’s one of the reasons why, according to a report from The Washington Post, Biden uses his teleprompter just about everywhere.

Some highlights:

  • “President Biden was in a multimillion dollar home here…But there was a discordant addition to the cozy gathering where about 30 people had assembled: At the front of the room, where the president spoke, stood a podium and a teleprompter, two large screens hovering about six feet high.” 
  • “It was a physical manifestation of the type of accommodation that White House officials over the past year have come to make for an aging president…the teleprompter has been the primary accommodation to assist a president whose speech can meander and who can seem to lose his train of thought.” 
  • “Before news conferences, his staffers call reporters in an effort to ferret out what questions they might ask, a practice that was not typical in earlier presidencies. For some major interview opportunities like the Super Bowl, Biden’s team has simply declined, giving up an opportunity that most politicians would grasp at eagerly.
  • “In the past year, Biden has almost never appeared in public without the use of the teleprompter. The rare exception are news conferences, which have been few and far between, and media interviews, which he has granted more rarely than any recent president, according to tallies.”
  • “In the days since the debate, Biden and his team have sought to reassure Democrats his performance last week was an aberration. But his appearances at a slew of fundraisers in the days since have done little to reassure them.”

Read the full article here.

“WASN'T AN ANOMALY” – According to NBC News, Democrats are now admitting what we’ve all seen with our own eyes for years, Crooked Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, “wasn't an anomaly.”

Some key lines from the report:

  • “‘The country saw [at the debate] what those of us who have had personal interactions with him have all known for the last two and a half years,’ one senator said.” 
  • “Yet the notion that last week's debate was an anomaly doesn’t jibe with the impressions of some Democratic lawmakers who’ve seen him up close and come away doubting his capacity to hold office.”
  • “Far from a one-off, the debate revealed the same worrying traits – memory lapses, incoherence, a vacant look — these officials say they've noticed in Biden’s company throughout his term.” 
  • “A large, well-funded team of aides surrounds Biden and has worked to shield him from the embarrassments…He often boards Air Force One through a shorter staircase leading to the belly of the plane to minimize the risk of a fall…The debate stripped away the protective cloak.”
  • “A group of about 40 Democratic lawmakers have been texting one another since the debate, this House member said, and not one of them believes Biden should stay in the race.”

Read the full article here.

INDEPENDENCE DAY – We hoped you enjoyed celebrating on the Fourth of July. The best is yet to come for our nation when we elect President Trump to the White House! Watch the video here.

DEMOCRAT DONORS TO THE DOOR – Democrat donors are turning on Biden.

Here are some headlines you may have missed over the holiday:

  • CNBC: “Disney heiress, wealthy Democratic donors say they won’t finance the party until Joe Biden drops out”
  • The New York Times: “Major Democratic Donors Devise Plans to Pressure Biden to Step Aside”
  • The Washington Post: “Biden’s omnipresent accessory, even in your living room: A teleprompter”
  • The Wall Street Journal: “Hollywood Powerbrokers Talk About Recasting Biden”

Yikes! The problem for Democrats no matter who they put up – their policies are unpopular, their records are a disaster, and they have disqualified themselves by going along with Team Biden’s effort to perpetrate a fraud on the American people.

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