Over 100 South Carolina Faith Leaders Endorse President Donald J. Trump

February 12, 2024

North Charleston, SC – Today, President Donald J. Trump proudly announced endorsements from over 100 South Carolina faith leaders, a significant milestone before the February 24 South Carolina Presidential Primary election. This remarkable achievement reflects President Trump’s unrivaled support from Palmetto State voters who overwhelmingly support his campaign to defeat Joe Biden and restore our nation in November.  


President Trump's long record of accomplishments has generated substantial confidence from voters of faith in South Carolina. From defending Judeo-Christian culture to finally overturning Roe v. Wade, President Trump has always kept his promises to America’s faith community. 


Pastor Brad Atkins from Spartanburg County stated, “President Trump is the only candidate with a proven record of fighting for our religious freedoms. He is gifted with the abilities to once again strengthen the American economy while protecting the security and freedom of American families.” 


President Trump is honored to have the endorsements of the following faith leaders:    


Brian Aiken, Pastor, Pickens County 

Bryan Alverson, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Rhonda Alverson, Ministry Leader, Spartanburg County 

Brad Atkins, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Frank Bailey, Pastor, Berkeley County 

Gordon Baker, Small Group Leader, Spartanburg County 

Cynthia Balchin, Minister, Laurens County 

Todd Black, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Christina Black, Ministry Leader, Spartanburg County 

Steve Black, Pastor, Oconee County 

Mitch Brooks, Pastor, Anderson County 

Linda Brooks, Small Group Leader, Anderson County 

Caleb Bruce, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Mark Burns, Pastor, Pickens County 

Jimmy Burrell, Pastor, Pickens County 

Richard Busha, Pastor, Anderson County 

Tommy Caldwell, Small Group Leader, Lexington County 

Richie Cannon, Small Group Leader, Spartanburg County 

Stacy Cannon, Small Group Leader, Spartanburg County 

Rob Chumley, Ministry Leader, Spartanburg County 

Tammy Chumley, Ministry Leader, Spartanburg County 

Georgia Chumley, Worship Leader, Spartanburg County 

David Coleman, Pastor, Berkeley County 

Lee Ann Coleman, Ministry Leader, Berkeley County 

Ken Colton, Pastor, Lexington County 

Jeremy Creech, Pastor, Barnwell County

Joey Curado, Pastor, Aiken County 

Melisa Curado, Ministry Leader, Aiken County 

Dennis Davis, Pastor, York County 

Allen Davis, Reverend, Chester County 

Scott Davis, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Shane Donald, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Daniel Duncan, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Lee Edwards Jr, Pastor, Richland County 

Nathan Farmer, Youth Leader, Greenville County 

Jimmy Fuller, Pastor, Dorchester County 

Mike Gonzalez, Pastor, Berkeley County 

Barry Goodman, Pastor, Lexington County 

Billy Hamilton, Ministry Leader, Oconee County 

Darrell Harlow-Curtis, Chaplain, Kershaw County 

David Harvey, Pastor, Cherokee County 

Michael Haynes, Pastor, Berkeley County 

Debra Haynes, Ministry Leader, Berkeley County 

Heidi Haynes, Ministry Leader, Berkeley County 

Michael Haynes Jr, Ministry Leader, Berkeley County 

Carl Herbster, Ministry Leader, Greenville County 

Grover Humphries, Deacon, Greenville County 

Christopher Jackson, Pastor, Greenville County 

Todd Johnson, Pastor, Greenville County 

Don Johnson, Ministry Leader, Berkeley County 

Tony Jones, Pastor, Lexington County 

Randy Keasler, Pastor, Oconee County 

Tommy Kelly, Pastor, Hampton County 

Wilson Kilgore, Pastor, Greenville County 

Tyler Kirby, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Barbara Krell, Pastor, Lexington County 

Melissa Krieger, Ministry Leader, Anderson County 

Nate Leupp, Ministry Leader, Greenville County     

Richard Lister, Pastor, Anderson County 

Chris Mace, Evangelist, Cherokee County 

Josiah Magnuson, Small Group Leader, Spartanburg County 

Jesse Martin, Ministry Leader, Cherokee County 

John Matthews, Pastor, Clarendon County 

Kenny McDowell, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Chris Moss, Pastor, Oconee County 

Jim Murray, Pastor, Darlington County 

Skip Owens, Pastor, Laurens County 

Wayland Owens, Pastor, Williamsburg County 

Randy Page, Deacon, Greenville County 

Michael Parnell, Pastor, Marlboro County 

Bonnie Parnell, Ministry Leader, Marlboro County 

Danny Parton, Pastor, Pickens County 

Jean Parton, Ministry Leader, Pickens County 

Julia Peeler, Ministry Leader, Spartanburg County 

Kevin Phillips, Pastor, Sumter County 

Michael Pittman, Pastor, Cherokee County 

Brent Powell, Pastor, Greenville County 

Joe Proctor, Pastor, Marion County 

David Rasbach, Worship Leader, Greenville County 

Buddy Robbins, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Jim Roberts, Elder, Charleston County 

William Robertson, Pastor, Greenville County 

Cindy Robertson, Ministry Leader, Greenville County 

Peter Robyn, Ministry Leader, Marlboro County 

Greg Rodermond, Pastor, Horry County 

Lisa Rodermond, Pastor, Horry County 

Gail Rollerson, Pastor, Greenville County 

Scott Scrimpsher, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Joe Seay, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Mark Simpson, Ordained Minister, Spartanburg County 

Dave Smith, Pastor, Lexington County 

Robert Smith, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Mike Stumbo, Pastor, Pickens County 

Stephanie Stumbo, Ministry Leader, Pickens County 

Linda Tarpley, Ministry Leader, Spartanburg County 

Randall Watson, Ministry Leader, Chesterfield County 

Chad Watson, Pastor, Chesterfield County 

Cheryl Watson, Ministry Leader, Chesterfield County 

Chad West, Pastor, Spartanburg County 

Rod West, Pastor, Charleston County 

Pranceton Williams, Ministry Leader, Greenville County 

Alfred Willis, Pastor, Colleton County