KISS OF DEATH: Nikki Haley (D-SC)

January 25, 2024

"Nikki Haley sure likes to talk about how weak she is and how she doesn’t like to confront chaos. If she isn’t willing to be a fighter for the American people, she’ll be nothing more than a pushover for America’s enemies.
Nikki Haley isn’t just a weak leader, she’s not even a leader. She spends all her time on the campaign trail complaining about how President Trump is dominating the primaries and caucuses, and she’s resorted to name-calling because she doesn’t have an ounce of credibility or a shred of integrity to do the right thing-- unite behind the leading candidate in the race and work to beat Crooked Joe Biden in 2024.
With donors leaving her left and right because she’s running a failed campaign, she’s not competitive in any state and doesn’t have a pathway to actually win any state. Her base of support are Democrats and Never Trumpers who are more concerned with using her to interfere with Republican politics rather than actually boosting her as a legitimate candidate.
Nikki Haley’s entire existence is based off lies and deception. Now, she’s proving it to the entire country."

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


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