September 07, 2023

"Ron DeSantis' puppet-master Jeff Roe has given him a few weeks to turn his fortunes around before they can officially pronounce the DeSantis campaign dead and put him out of his misery. No amount of gaslighting and false attacks from DeSantis and his team will make him likable to voters-- now or in the future-- and there is nothing he can do to overcome President Trump's dominant lead in the polls, both nationally and statewide.

DeSantis is nothing more than a minor league dolt who is cosplaying as someone who thinks he has the courage to stand up to Joe Biden and the Deep State. But the voters see right through his charade and that's why they support President Trump to take back the White House. Tick-tock, Ron."

—Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe gave Ron DeSantctimonious 60 days to "beat Trump."


Since Roe's terminal prognosis, DeSanctimonious has hit all-time lows in the polls. Ron is down 23 points in Iowa, down 37 points in New Hampshire (tied with Haley), and down 34 points in South Carolina (tied with Scott).


National polls are even uglier for Ron— with Ron suffering historic deficits in Morning Consult (down 45 points), Wall Street Journal (down 46 points), and Messenger (down 45 points).


Despite never-ending (six?) reboots, things have gone from bad to worse for Ron DeSanctimonious with only 47 days to right the sinking ship.



  • Ron Slips in Morning Consult Poll, President Trump Hits 60%. In the new survey, 3 in 5 Republican voters support President Trump as Ron sinks to 15% support in the GOP primary. 


  • Ron Can't Beat Crooked Joe Biden. As Ron struggles to hold on to his third place standing in several early states in the GOP primary, a new CNN poll found that DeSantis can't beat Joe Biden. The same poll found that President Trump beats Joe Biden in a general election matchup.


  • Premise Data PollPresident Donald J. Trump up 6 points over Joe Biden in a general election match, while Ron DeSantis loses to Biden by 2 points.