Crooked Biden Recap: Biden’s Bumbling Excuses

July 03, 2024

How long does Joe Biden need to recover from a foreign trip?

Apparently 12 days, including two at the beach and six days hunkered down at Camp David, is not enough to keep Biden from, in his words, “almost [falling] asleep on stage.” That was his latest excuse for his disastrous debate performance. He essentially admitted that he is not up for the job. As Team Biden continues to invent excuses, we are seeing them debunked in almost real time.

  • First, we found out mid-debate that Biden apparently had a cold – an excuse that explains nothing and was noticeably absent in his comments to donors trying to calm fears. Those comments, by the way, only lasted six minutes.
  • Then, Politico reported on June 30 that the family was blaming his staff: “among the family’s complaints about the debate practice…that he was over-worked and not well-rested.” But as The New York Times reported yesterday: “the preparations...never started before 11 a.m. and Mr. Biden was given time for an afternoon nap.”
  • Now, his “traveling abroad 12 days ago” excuse is being roundly ridiculed.

The Biden administration admits Biden “had a bad night.” They can’t, however, explain why because the true explanation is that Biden is unfit for office. Worse than that for Democrats, it wasn’t just a bad night, but a terrible presidency. Concerns about Biden’s capacity have been rightly growing for years.

The Democrats are in a panic, and rightfully so. They are in a panic because they lied to the American people and got caught. Biden’s White House told the American people, “don’t believe you lying eyes,” and Democrats attacked anyone who didn’t toe the party line. We are seeing one of the largest political scandals in modern American history unfold, and Democrat officials, especially Kamala Harris, the cabinet, and those in the administration, are culpable.

Not only have they lost all credibility, they have disqualified themselves from office. Joe Biden is unfit, and by aiding in the coverup, they have put our national security at risk and made our country weaker.

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