Trump Campaign Statement on Crooked Joe Biden’s Border Speech

February 06, 2024

"Crooked Joe Biden's speech on the "border" bill was an embarrassment to our Nation and a slap in the face to the American people. Biden did not take responsibility for the mass invasion of nearly 10 million illegal immigrants who have illegally crossed our border on his watch, nor did he offer any real solutions to stop the flow of Chinese fentanyl that is killing Americans at record-rates. Predictably, Crooked Joe Biden blamed President Trump for the border crisis that Biden himself created. This is a brazen, pathetic lie and the American people know the truth – President Trump's policies created the most secure border in American history, and it was Joe Biden who reversed them, causing death, destruction, and chaos in every American community. America does not need a "border" bill that does nothing to deter illegal immigration. We need a President who will use his executive authority to shut the border down. Joe Biden clearly refuses to do that, but President Trump will get it done on day one." —Karoline Leavitt, National Press Secretary