KISS OF DEATH: Small Expectations, Smaller Candidate

December 01, 2023

"It has been a brutal press day for Ron DeSanctimonious as he’s getting blasted in the face by the hour. At this point, he must enjoy being a punching bag by the media, other candidates, and even his own supporters.
After DeSanctus beclowned himself when debating Grade A loser Gavin Newsom, a new report from the Washington Post quotes DeSanctus allies—yes, allies—calling his campaign a ‘dumpster fire.’
If that wasn’t bad enough, another executive from Always Back Down quit the operation. Adam Laxalt (former roommate of DeSanctus) saw the writing on the wall and wants nothing to do with the inevitable defeat that’s coming.
In a sloppy effort to deflect blame and responsibility, the campaign tried to plant a hit piece on their own super PAC for leaking and bad TV commercials. They couldn't even do that correctly as the Politico article became an indictment of the infighting between the campaign and Always Back Down.
Close to $83 million was transferred from Ron’s political account to Always Back Down. Since that time, over $40 million has been spent only to drive his poll numbers down to single digits. Maybe the FEC should consider an audit on how much donor money was wasted on ‘overhead’ and personal spending by the grifters who bamboozled Ron out of his own money.
To finish off the day, NBC News reported that during Ron’s inauguration in 2019, he had to buy a Bible off Amazon because he ‘did not care whether he used one with historical significance.’ Maybe swearing his oath on top of a Bezos Bible was the start of the downfall for Ron.
Ron has nobody to blame but himself and he has completely trashed his entire career. There will not be a DeSantis on any ballot ever again—not in 2026 and not in 2028."

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


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