“I LOVE BIDEN”: Illegals Say The Quiet Part Out Loud

June 10, 2024

Crooked Joe Biden has finally found his base: unvetted illegals from all around the world.



After importing 10 million illegals into our country, Biden finally took "executive action" on the border last week.


However, it took absolutely no time to uncover Biden's "order" only serves to turn Biden's Open Border into a Potemkin Village.


A newly uncovered memo from the Biden administration instructs Border Patrol to release EVERYONE into the U.S. except those coming from just six countries.


Notably absent from the prohibited countries list: China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and the Congo. Also, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Cuba—all countries deemed state sponsors of terrorism by the Biden administration.


Biden has made the world—and every American community—a lot less safe.