September 12, 2023

"Ron DeSantis has been asleep at the wheel, which is why his poll numbers—both nationally and in Iowa—remain catatonic. A new report shows that the Florida property insurance crisis overseen by DeSantis was exacerbated during hurricane season. For all the bluster and gaslighting DeSantis likes to make, his shoddy record speaks for itself.


Just last week, Team DeSantis tried to lower expectations to reporters that being a 'strong second' is good enough. But a report from the Financial Times quotes NH Gov. Chris Sununu as saying, 'DeSantis was probably the number two in New Hampshire, but he could still be overtaken by up to five candidates.' Yikes!"

—Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe gave Ron DeSantctimonious 60 days to "beat Trump."


Ron continues in the wrong direction with only 42 days to meet Roe's deadline. A new Financial Times report details the disorder among the DeSanctimonioans—as Ron's donors are reading the writing on the wall: his campaign is DOA.


New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu correctly assessed that DeSanctus has fallen from "probably the number two" and will soon be overtaken by up to five candidates!


New polling paints a depressing picture for Ron who not only is failing to turn things around but is actually continuing to sink in national and early state polls.


A national survey conducted by TIPP shows President Trump extending his lead to 49-points over DeSanctus, who sank to 11% — on the verge of third place.


In Iowa, Ron holds only 14% support among likely Republican Iowa caucus-goers — trailing President Trump by a whopping 37 points, according to a new Civiqs/ISU poll.


Meanwhile, on the homefront, Florida is experiencing a historic property insurance crisis, with Floridians paying the highest premiums of any state in the nation.


From this morning in the Miami Herald:


According to the industry-backed Insurance Information Institute, Floridians are paying an average of $6,000 a year in 2023 — a 42% increase over 2022. By comparison, the average home insurance premium in the U.S. sits at $1,700, which is up just 11% from last year.


Ron's advice from the campaign trail to Floridians struggling to afford to live in the state he's supposedly in charge of?


"Knock on wood."